Smith & Nephew Hip Liner Lawyer

Smith & Nephew announced that it is pulling its R3 Acetabular System metal hip liner from the market. According to the company’s website, even though there was not one single reason why the liner wasn’t performing up to the company’s standards, patients have reported infection, metal sensitivity, dislocation, loosening/lysis and fracture.

If you or a loved one has been implanted with the optional all-metal liner for the R3 Acetabular System hip device, you may be eligible to pursue legal recourse.

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Metal-On-Metal Hip Devices

Due to rising concerns over the safety of metal-on-metal hip implants, the FDA announced that it would be scheduling a two-day review of the devices. Although Smith & Nephew claim that their recall was not prompted by reports of metal poisoning, our defective medical device lawyers are seeking anyone who has been implanted with the recalled liner to determine if legal recourse is an option.

Smith & Nephew is withdrawing the metal liner component as a precautionary measure. The liner was first introduced in Europe and Australia in 2007 and was globally-launched in 2009. Since its introduction to the market, about 7,700 metal liners have been implanted in patients; most of which were used in total hip replacements.

The voluntary recall of Smith & Nephew’s metal hip liner will add to concerns about the safety of metal-on-metal hips. Originally, metal-on-metal hips were developed to be more durable than traditional hip implants. However, in light of recent concerns surrounding Johnson & Johnson’s recall of the Depuy hip implant devices in 2010 in addition to this most recent recall, this may not be the case.

Smith and Nephew Hip Liner Recall Lawsuits

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