Common Workplace Injuries in Phoenix, AZ

According to a Public Citizen Report, the healthcare industry is the most dangerous industry for illnesses and injuries and account for 653,000 injuries to nurses, aides, orderlies and others each year. Of course, there are several other industries which account for a large amount of injuries to its employees.

Although unfortunate, workplace injuries are common throughout our society as different occupations call for different duties. Typically, the more labor intensive jobs will cause more injuries due to the fact that individuals must use their bodies more often than not.

The Phoenix, AZ workers compensations attorneys at Phillips Law Group have great sympathy for those injured at their place of work and will help you fight for the compensation benefits you deserve from being injured on the job. Furthermore, our attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning we will not charge you for our services unless a winning verdict or settlement has been made and you recover.

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Top Injury Prone Careers

It is common for workplace injuries to affect a variety of different types of workers with many different skill levels and forms of education. As workplace injuries may be more common in labor intensive jobs, they also affect individuals in any type of occupation. Some occupations largely affected by workplace injuries include the following:

Of course, injuries are not limited to only these careers; there are several other types of industry occupations which suffer from dozens of injuries each year. While these careers may also cause many different types of injuries as well.

Types of Injuries to Workers

Often times, on the job injuries are common in occupations which require individuals to perform repetitive movements. This constant repetition causes wear and tear on the body and eventually may cause it to suffer from injuries. More so, injuries may also be caused by slip and falls, heavy lifting, faulty equipment, and toppling objects. A few common types of workplace injuries include:

It was reported that throughout all of 2010, there was a total of 4,547 workplace fatalities across the nation. In essence, there was an average of 12 deaths per day at an individuals place of work.

Types of Workers Compensation Benefits

As workers compensation benefits vary from state to state, in Arizona full medical benefits are provided to employees with no time restraint or monetary limits. In most instances, the injured individual will receive a benefit check bi-weekly, which may range from two-thirds of their average weekly wage to the full wage amount. Depending on the type of injury a worker has suffered, the following benefits may be available:

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