Third Party vs Workers’ Compensation Claims in Phoenix, AZ

There are many dangerous occupations that exist in the United States, but few if any involve more risk than construction work. Construction sites are areas where any number of things can go wrong at any time, and when they do people who are injured are often unsure of where to turn. Anyone who has been harmed by a third party worker at a construction site needs to seek the immediate help of experienced Phoenix construction accident lawyers, and below is an explanation of this third party worker situation and the legal rights involved.

Arizona Construction Site Accidents – Third Party Workers

A third party worker at a construction site in Arizona can be difficult to define. Basically, a third party worker is someone who does not work for the main construction company, contractor or any of the hired sub-contractors who are on the site every day performing the same functions. Generally, third party workers can be those who drive delivery trucks, dump trucks or anyone else who appears on the construction site on either a one-time basis or someone who is not on the construction site regularly. This is an important distinction because of the area of Arizona law that governs situations where someone is injured.

Third Party Liability in Arizona Construction Site Accidents

Usually, when someone is injured on a construction site by someone else who also works there regularly and is not considered a third party, the injured worker would need to pursue his or her legal rights by way of Arizona worker’s compensation law. These laws provide benefits to those who are unable to work, but the amount of benefits involved is set out by statute and comes with limits on amounts and duration. When a construction worker is injured by a third party, it provides that injured person with an opportunity to pursue his or her legal rights by way of an Arizona personal injury lawsuit, and these lawsuits can bring more compensation to an injured worker than worker’s compensation benefits, including damages compensation for medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering.

If you or someone you love has been harmed by anyone in a construction site accident, seek the help of a Phoenix injury attorney today who understand these differences and how to pursue the maximum recovery possible. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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