Forklift Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

In the 1960s the modern forklift was developed by several different companies and would become an indispensable machine in warehousing and manufacturing operations. These forklift trucks are used every day throughout the world to transport heavy items throughout warehouses, factories, construction sites, and various industrial workplaces.

While these forklifts do serve an enormous purpose, of the 855,900 forklifts in the United States, according to the Industrial Truck Association, there are an estimated 61,800 non-serious injuries, 34,900 serious injuries, and 85 fatal accidents occur each year in the United States, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. This means 11 percent of all forklifts are involved in some form of accident each year.

At our law firm, we have recognized the many dangers involved with forklift operations, and believe that if a worker has been injured in an accident, they may be entitled to compensation. Our truck accident attorneys have represented thousands of injured victims of workplace accidents and have the resources, experience, and knowledge to achieve the maximum compensation for your losses and damages.

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Types of Forklift Accidents

There are dozens of reasons forklift accidents may occur, while many of these accidents result in injuries and fatalities. Our attorneys have gathered some percentages of types of forklift accidents along with the fatality rates. The following demonstrates the common types of forklift accidents, along with the fatality percentage:

Type of Forklift Accident Fatality %
Crushed by Forklift Tipping Over 42%
Crushed Between Forklift and a Surface 25%
Crushed Between Forklift and Vehicle 11%
Run Over or Struck by Forklift 10%
Struck by Falling Material 8%
Fall from Platform onto Forks 4%


While there are many different types of forklift accidents, there are also a number of industries where these forklift accidents are common. The following demonstrates the most common industries for forklift accidents, along with the fatality percentage in that industry:

Forklift Accident Industry Fatality %
Manufacturing 42.5%
Construction 23.8%
Wholesale Trades 12.5%
Transportation 11%
Retail Trade 9%
Mining 1.2%

We can imagine that these accidents often result in injuries, if not fatal injuries, while there may be several different causes of these accidents.

Causes of Forklift Accidents

As there are many types of forklift accidents, there are even more causes of forklift accidents. While it is highly advised that all forklift operators obtain the proper license, this does not ensure that everyone will be safe from forklift accidents, as many operators may perform reckless maneuvers. The following include some common causes of forklift accidents:

  • Erratic driving
  • Excessive speeding
  • Giving others rides on forklift
  • Improper backing
  • Improper braking, turning, or accelerating
  • Improper warnings to others regarding nearby forklifts
  • Improperly parking the forklift
  • Poor forklift maintenance
  • Poor use of communication during tasks
  • Stunt driving
  • Traveling with elevated load

By performing the above maneuvers, it has resulted in dozens of accidents, injuries, and fatalities each year. Therefore, we must pay more attention to forklift operators as these injuries and fatalities must be reduced.

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