Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is provided to individuals who qualify through the Social Security Administration (SSA) as having a disability that permits them from holding gainful employment, usually due to an injury sustained while on the job.

The SSA receives thousands of applications for SSDI annually, and many of these applicants are disqualified, even though they may have legitimate claims for disability. The process can be daunting and seem overwhelming when you are injured, especially coupled with the loss of wages because of time out of work.

If you are planning on filing a claim for SSDI, you may wish to seek legal counsel to ensure that the application is filed correctly and within any given time limitations that may be imposed on your case. Alternatively, if your claim is rejected a skilled workers compensation attorney can appeal the SSAs decision and fight for the MAXIMUM amount of compensation owed to you for your disability.

Phillips Law Group has experience in SSDI litigation and the knowledge to help you file correctly or appeal the denial you received. We understand the difficulties that come along with being out of work and unable to find a new job because of the injuries you sustained in the workplace.

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Arizona SSDI FAQ

When applying for SSDI or considering your options following a denial of your claim, most workers will have many questions. The following Arizona SSDI frequently asked questions can help guide you as you get started:

At any stage of the proceedings, you can contact an SSDI lawyer to expedite the process and help you navigate what can be a lengthy and confusing process. Competent and reliable legal representation ensures that your claim will be filed properly and efficiently, while giving you the peace of mind to know that, if the application is denied, you can quickly appeal the decision.

If monthly SSDI benefits are more than $958 for a single person or $1,293 for a couple, you may not qualify for AHCCCS, Arizona’s Medicare program.

The SSA considers older workers less trainable and less likely to be able to adjust to new work settings and tasks, so although their disability case may be similar to that of a younger person they are more likely to receive an approval for SSDI.

Cases of blindness and ALS, as an example, are black-and-white disability approvals, while psychological damage or cases of pain such as fibromyalgia are harder to prove. That said, it does not mean the individual is not legitimately disabled, nor does it mean that their case cannot be won.

Certainly. Do not wait for benefits from SSDI to get treatment for your illness or injuries, but be sure to document everything and keep receipts or invoices.

Depending on a number of factors, SSDI recipients can expect between $650 and $2,000 per month. Whether there are dependents, how many dependents, and how much the worker has paid into the Social Security system all impact this amount.

As soon as your physician makes a determination that your disability will last a year or more. If you have had the disability for longer than a year, you can file at any time.

Typically, adults who have already paid into the Social Security system are eligible to receive benefits, but eligibility does vary. In some cases, live or widowed spouses and disabled children of workers can be entitled to receive these benefits regardless of work history.

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