Dating App Sexual Assault Claims

When individuals are assaulted by people they meet on popular dating sites, many find that there is little to no accountability from the dating apps and websites where they first met their assailant. Phillips Law Group is currently investigating dating app sexual assault claims from people who were sexually assaulted or otherwise victimized by someone they met on a dating website.

Holding Dating Apps Accountable for Abuse

In 2018, a woman named Emily C. told Bumble that a man she met through its online dating platform had sexually assaulted her, according to an investigation by Politico. She said they did not respond to her complaint, and two months later, she saw his profile photo on the app again. 

She also noted that she matched with the same man on other dating apps. When she notified a different platform, Tinder, she again never received a response. She had a similar experience with Hinge, another popular dating app.

“It’s like being assaulted twice,” she told the outlet of the companies’ lack of response to her reports. “They failed their users. They’re not taking responsibility for what they created, which is a monster.”

If you reported someone for a sexual assault after you met them on a dating app such as Bumble or Tinder, and the service did not remove the person’s profile, the company operating the app can be accused of putting others at risk and we may be able to help you hold these dating apps accountable. 

If companies behind dating apps don’t take reports of sexual abuse from other users seriously, they are endangering everyone on their platforms. Predators may be able to victimize others as a result of inaction by these apps. If you’ve reported abuse by another user to a dating app or website, and they did not take action, you may have legal options, and Phillips Law Group can potentially assist you. 

Pursuing Dating App Sexual Assault Claims

Most dating apps don’t conduct criminal background checks on members, potentially leaving the door wide open for predators to take advantage of users on their platforms. If someone suffers sexual assault at the hands of predators who use dating apps that don’t take abuse reports seriously, an argument can be made that these dating website companies didn’t take appropriate action and can be held accountable. 

Dating apps should take reasonable action to protect their customers. If they don’t, it’s sometimes possible to bring legal action against them. 

The team at Phillips Law Group may be able to help you pursue dating app sexual assault claims. If we take on your case, rest assured we will advocate for you and seek justice for the harm done to you. Our lawyers know how to handle cases like these with empathy and discretion, and it would be our privilege to help you. 

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Need confidential support after a sexual assault? Call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-4673.