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While there is no way to eliminate your risk of getting hurt in an avoidable accident, there is a lot everyone in Arizona can do to minimize the risk that they accidentally cause such an accident to happen to someone else. In fact, this expectation is legally enforceable as a “duty of care” in many situations, and someone who violates that duty in a way that directly leads to another person getting injured may be held liable under civil law for any harm person sustains from the incident.

When you are hurt in an accident that you believe stems directly from someone else’s “negligence,” you should strongly consider reaching out to a Chandler personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal options. Personal injury claims can be complex and time-consuming under even the most favorable circumstances, and guidance from our knowledgeable local attorneys could be key to getting a positive outcome from your case and obtaining the restitution you deserve.

Holding Someone Else Liable for Your Injuries

Most of the time, making someone else pay financially for causing a personal injury requires proving that the other person was legally “negligent” in some way. More specifically, an injured person filing this sort of claim will need to establish that the “defendant” they are filing suit against meets all the following criteria:

  • The defendant owed them—the injured “plaintiff” filing suit—a “duty” to act responsibly under specific circumstances, such as the duty all drivers have to pay attention to their surroundings and obey traffic laws while driving
  • The defendant “breached” their duty by doing something specifically reckless, careless, and/or illegal
  • The defendant’s breach of duty was the “proximate”—in other words, the main and direct—cause of an accident that likely would not have occurred at all without that breach
  • The accident caused by the defendant directly resulted in at least one physical injury to the plaintiff, requiring professional medical care

With help from a Chandler personal injury attorney, it may be possible to make a “negligent” person pay financially for both economic and non-economic consequences of their misconduct, including medical bills, lost working capacity, personal property damage, physical and psychological suffering, and more.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Handle

At the Phillips Law Group, our trusted team has served as local legal advocates in the community for over 30 years. We have extensive experience helping people injured in a variety of accidents, including:

In the event that someone else’s actions or inactions cause an event that leads to fatal injuries, our compassionate Chandler attorneys could also help surviving family members pursue a wrongful death claim.

Unique Elements of Personal Injury Claims

One fairly unique element of personal injury litigation in Arizona compared to other states is the rules set out for how plaintiffs can go about requesting compensation for a personal injury. Rather than naming a precise amount of money that covers each economic and non-economic loss they sustained, personal injury plaintiffs can only declare a “damage tier” that most closely suits their needs: less than $50,000, between $50,000 and $300,000, and over $300,000.

Arizona also has a “statute of limitations” which prohibits personal injury victims from filing suit if too much time has passed since they first sustained their injury. Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-542 sets a deadline for most personal injury claims of two years after an injury first occurs, meaning there is little time to lose in contacting skilled legal representation.

Our Chandlery attorneys could take the lead in all legal matters to ensure nothing is missed that would jeopardize the chances of a favorable outcome in a personal injury claim. Additionally, while most personal injury attorneys focus more heavily on accepting settlement offers to speed up the process, our team is dedicated to putting in the work to get our clients the best possible result, even if that means taking a case to court.

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Accidental injuries can be disruptive to both your life no matter how they happen or what kinds of losses you experience as a result. Fortunately, you may be able to take legal action against the person or people responsible for your accident and hold them financially accountable for your losses.

Assistance is available from start to finish of your legal proceedings from a dedicated Chandler personal injury lawyer. Call the Phillips Law Group today to schedule a consultation.