Teen Cannabis-Induced Psychosis Lawsuits

A popular cannabis brand in the United States is being sued after the plaintiff used STIIIZY’s high-potency vape products and suffered Cannabis-Induced Psychosis (CIP). However, it is not the first case of its kind. Some research suggests that people who use cannabis are four times more likely to develop chronic psychosis or schizophrenia when compared to people who don’t. 

If you or a loved one suffered Cannabis-Induced Psychosis after using STIIIZY vaping products, Phillips Law Group may be able to help you take legal action. 

Teen Experienced “Psychotic Symptoms”

According to the complaint in a Cannabis-Induced Psychosis lawsuit filed in late May 2024, the 15-year-old Plaintiff – referred to as John Doe – started using high-potency THC vape products manufactured and advertised by STIIIZY between 2020 and 2022 after seeing lots of STIIIZY vaping products on Snapchat promoting wellness and relaxation. He began abusing the products and eventually began demonstrating “erratic behavior and, ultimately, signs of psychosis.”

Eventually, after a violent outburst on August 22, 2022, Doe’s parents had to call 911 and because the teenager was exhibiting “psychotic symptoms,” the police couldn’t interview him. Law enforcement “had no choice but to handcuff the plaintiff and take him directly to the psychiatric ward at Marin General Hospital.”

After testing positive for “extremely high levels of THC,” Doe jumped out of the window partially naked and escaped from the psychiatric ward because he believed someone was going to kill him. He was ultimately made an inpatient at a psychiatric ward for 10 days and was heavily medicated and instructed to take anti-psychotics following this episode. 

The teenager still suffers from mental health issues and has been warned he has a 90 percent chance of permanent psychosis if he uses cannabis again. And he is not an exception. 

Some research has found that for people who smoke cannabis every day or use higher-potency products, the risk of developing chronic psychosis or schizophrenia is up to six times higher compared to people who don’t. Notably, one study published in Molecular Psychiatry in 2022 claimed that eliminating marijuana use in adolescents may reduce global rates of schizophrenia by 10 percent. 

STIIIZY’s Marketing is “Focused on the Youth”

The aforementioned lawsuit alleges STIIZY’s marketing is “focused on the youth,” and claims that cannabis advertising features “attractive young people engaged in cool social activities– from skateboarding to attending music festivals – that are meant to evoke a larger, cannabis-using lifestyle.” 

In a recent blog post, STIIZY explained, “Top-shelf cannabis, with its higher THC levels, promises an elevated experience that’s sought after by both recreational users and those in need of symptom relief.”

“Nowhere in the blog post does STIIZY warn about the dangers of high-potency THC, especially to youth,” the complaint notes. 

The use of cannabis products, including cannabis vaping products, may be particularly dangerous for teenagers and young adults. And if the makers of these products target young people through marketing campaigns and do not adequately advertise the potential dangers associated with cannabis, they need to be held accountable. 

How Phillips Law Group Can Help

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