Phoenix, AZ Daycare Injury Lawyer

The reality of modern American culture is that many homes have one parent living there and others with two parents require both of them to work in order to meet their monthly obligations. As a result, the need for daycare for children is enormous. While there are strict laws on the books both in Arizona and almost everywhere else that detail the responsibilities of daycare centers, that doesn’t mean that nothing ever goes wrong. Generally, problems arise when children at a daycare center are not supervised properly, and if your child has been injured as a result of this sort of situation, you need the help of an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer. Below is a brief look at this issue.

Parties Responsible for Daycare Supervision

First, it could be helpful to define who is responsible for supervising children at a daycare center. The ‘short’ answer is that anyone who works at such a facility has a duty of care owed to the children to keep them safe. This includes the owner or owners of the daycare center, any employees of the daycare center and even volunteers who may give their time to help those facilities that could be under-staffed for whatever reason. Basically, any adult who is part of the daycare operation owes this duty to every child who enters the premises.

Problems that Could Arise at a Daycare Center

Clearly, children are precocious by nature, which means that supervising them can be an all-encompassing task. When children begin to walk and run, this need for supervision only intensifies. Specifically, problems can arise in several ways at one of these facilities, and below are some examples of potential causes of injuries:

  • Dangerous toys
  • Playground equipment
  • Other children
  • Glue or other toxins that could be eaten
  • Electrical outlets

Clearly, there are any number of potential causes for injury to a child in a daycare center, but all of them come down to some sort of lack of supervision on some level. While the laws dealing with daycare centers are clear, you should seek help if your child has been injured in this sort of facility. Contact the Arizona personal injury lawyers at Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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