Phoenix, AZ Boat Accident Lawyer

Recreational boating is a popular hobby for many individuals in the United States. In 2021, there were about 11.96 million registered vessels in the United States, up from 11.84 million in the previous year, Statista reported. While using a personal watercraft vessel can be fun, it can also be dangerous, and in some tragic instances, a major incident on the water could lead to the need for a Phoenix, AZ boat accident lawyer to get involved.

During the National Boating Safety Advisory Committee meeting on May 11, 2023, the United States Coast Guard released a summary of statistics for calendar year 2022 recreational boating incidents and revealed that there were 636 boating fatalities nationwide in 2022.

Sadly, in cases where the cause of death was known, 75 percent of fatal boating incident victims drowned, and of those drowning victims with reported life jacket usage, 85 percent were not wearing a life jacket. But even if you do everything right when operating or riding in a recreational boat – from wearing life jackets to avoiding alcohol consumption to knowing basic first aid just in case – accidents can always happen.

In some cases, those accidents could be due to the negligence of another person operating a boat, and not the result of your actions. You might need to seek legal advice and compensation after a boat crash, and a boating accident lawyer may be able to help.

It is crucial to seek legal counsel after being involved in an Arizona boating accident. There may be a number of parties liable for the boating crash, and a skilled boating accident attorney can review the accident claim and determine who is at fault.

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