Auto Insurance FAQs

The state of Arizona saw 103,423 total motor vehicle crashes in 2011. In addition to the rising number of auto accident, 49,550 Arizona residents suffered injuries in that same year due to a traffic collision of some kind. While a collision is something that all Phoenix drivers try to avoid, accidents do happen and motorists must be prepared to protect themselves and their loves ones.

Arizona auto insurance is imperative. The state of Arizona requires mandatory insurance, meaning that all of the drivers in the state must be covered by liability insurance in order to legally operate a vehicle. Auto insurance is necessary for any medical treatment that is necessary due to the motor vehicle collision.

In the state of Arizona, drivers have the option to de-insure a vehicle for a temporary length of time. If a vehicle is not being used or is not ready to be operated on the roads, the owner may temporarily de-insure the vehicle. Arizona residents must keep in mind that a de-insured car cannot be driven on the roads. The Arizona Department of Transportation provides the De-Insured Certificate form on their website.

When an accident occurs, the officer at the scene of the crash will ask for proof of insurance. If you are unable to provide this evidence of financial responsibility, a number of penalties may follow. The first violation will require a $500 payment and a 3 month suspension of drivers license registration, and license plates. The second violation entails a $750 fine, as well as a 36 month suspension of drivers license, registration, and license plates. The third violation will require a $1,000 fine, as well as an additional 36 month suspension of drivers license, registration, and license plates.

When an accident causes damages to the at-fault driver or a dependent, Property Damage Liability covers the cost of the damages to the vehicle as well as surrounding property.

Bodily Injury Liability insurance refers to coverage that pays for damages incurred in a situation where you are the at-fault party in the traffic collision. When the crash causes serious or permanent damage, or death, to another, this type of insurance will over these costs.

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When a collision occurs, accident victims often find themselves overwhelmed with the rising number of things to take care of and get done. Even worse, these accident victims are typically injured, thus making these tasks even more difficult to accomplish. Phillips Law Group understands the stress and anxiety that comes with any motor vehicle crash. As a result, we take it upon ourselves to handle the insurance companies and legal proceedings. In this case, the accident victim is able to focus on recovering from their injuries, instead of being stressed and worried about what the future will hold.

Our Phoenix auto accident lawyers have years of experience in personal injury law. We have dealt with countless insurance companies in our pursuit of justice for our clients. In doing so, we utilize our knowledge and expert resources to craft a case that will protect your rights and achieve the maximum financial compensation that you deserve.

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