Pesticides on Golf Courses Claims

Although news of the herbicide Paraquat being linked to a risk of Parkinson’s disease has gotten some notable attention, it’s just one of a number of pesticides used on golf courses that could be dangerous to the health of people working on them. Using pesticides on golf courses could be incredibly dangerous, and indeed, there are already lawsuits involving workers who applied these dangerous pesticides and later were diagnosed with cancer. 

If you or a loved one was diagnosed with cancer after working on a golf course and being exposed to the chemicals applied there, you may need the help of an experienced lawyer like the ones at Phillips Law Group to pursue a claim for your pain and suffering. 

Lawsuits Involving Pesticides on Golf Courses

Gary Lindeblad was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1999 and claimed in a lawsuit filed in 2020 that he “sprayed Roundup on a regular basis” while working for many years on golf courses. 

In another instance, a man who worked on a Pennsylvania golf course for more than 30 years and applied chemicals to the grounds at the course died of leukemia. His family sued on his behalf after his death. 

Our firm is investigating people who worked around pesticides on golf courses and were later diagnosed with cancer. If you or a loved one has dealt with this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact our firm to discuss your legal options. 

Paraquat and Health Issues

Some scientific research has linked exposure to paraquat, a chemical compound used as an herbicide since the 1950s, to an elevated risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says paraquat is one of the most widely used herbicides in the United States, and reporting from Scientific American shows Parkinson’s disease and other neurological problems may result from pesticides and herbicides.

While a number of Paraquat lawsuits are making their way through the justice system, there is still limited information or action regarding other pesticides and their use in places like golf courses. 

However, the EPA notes, “the health effects of pesticides depend on the type of pesticide. Some, such as the organophosphates and carbamates, affect the nervous system. Others may irritate the skin or eyes. Some pesticides may be carcinogens. Others may affect the hormone or endocrine system in the body.”

Further investigation into the use of pesticides on golf courses and their impact on the health of those working on golf courses is vital. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer after being exposed regularly on a golf course to pesticides, you may have legal options. 

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