Tempe Personal Injury Lawyer

No one likes getting hurt. Unexpected injuries can result in missing work, expensive medical bills, and, in more serious scenarios, permanent impacts on your day-to-day life. This situation can be even more frustrating when someone else’s careless behavior caused your injuries.

A Tempe personal injury lawyer from our firm can assist you with understanding and exercising your rights. We have worked with the local community for 30 years and know how difficult it can be for personal injury victims to know where to turn and who to trust. The experienced attorneys at Phillips Law Group are here to listen to your story and determine the best course of action.

What Types of Cases Does a Personal Injury Attorney Handle?

Personal injury attorneys take on cases where someone’s actions or inaction hurt someone else. Examples of some of the claims our team commonly handles include:

Our Tempe accidental injury attorneys have a broad range of knowledge to help injured people get compensated for their losses. This includes working with witnesses, securing vital evidence such as video surveillance, hiring accident reconstructionists, and more.

Additionally, unlike many other personal injury firms that focus solely on settlement packages, our team is not afraid to take a case to court to fight for the full amount of compensation someone deserves.

How Long Does Someone Have To File a Personal Injury Case?

Arizona law limits when injury victims can file their cases against an at-fault business or individual. Judges refer to these deadlines as the statute of limitations. The amount of time you have to file a case depends on the type of claim you are making and if an exception applies.

For example, a person would usually need to file a car crash lawsuit within two years after the accident. But if someone gets hurt because of a faulty or dangerous product, they may have more time.

Additionally, Arizona law sometimes pauses the deadline, like if the victim is under 18. In some instances, the statute of limitations is much shorter, including claims that involve a government entity. Regardless of length, missing this deadline typically means being barred from recovery.

It can be confusing for someone to know what documents they must prepare and file to start their claim and what specific steps they need to take to avoid denials and unnecessary delays. Our Tempe personal injury attorneys can take the lead in all the vital legal processes to give someone the best chance at maximizing their compensation and getting the justice they deserve.

Retain a Tempe Personal Injury Attorney for Help You Can Count On

After an accident, you may have many concerns, including seeking treatment, staying afloat financially while recovering, and dealing with any emotional trauma from the event. Arizona law may entitle you to receive monetary damages for your losses to help alleviate some of your stressors.

When someone else causes you harm, a Tempe personal injury lawyer at our office can guide you through the legal process. Our firm does more than just settle cases – we also take the claim to court if it improves our client’s chances of getting what they truly need.

Contact Phillips Law Group today to get started. We can offer a free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our team to discuss your specific situation and determine your legal options. Call today to learn more!