Phoenix, AZ Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Defective Drugs Lawsuits

Defective drugs are becoming a huge problem in this country. Fortunately, the attorneys at Phillips Law Group understand the complexities involved in going up against the large drug companies. We feel that someone needs to stand up and fight for the consumer and that is why we represent injured consumers in these cases.

Victims of injury due to defective drugs have a right to pursue legal action and attempt to get compensation. The best way to go after large drug companies and get the damages you may be entitled to is with the help of an experienced defective drug lawyer to help you through the legal process. These giant corporations that pump out billion-dollar-a-year pharmaceuticals need to be held accountable when they sell Americans products that are unsafe and cause harm, and having the best legal team on your side is the most effective way to go after them legally.

Defective drug lawsuits can be very complex and involve a large number of victims. Experienced attorneys like the ones at Phillips Law Group have the expertise to take these sorts of cases on — and win.

At Phillips, all of the defective drug cases that we accept are accepted on a contingency fee basis. That means that we don’t get paid anything unless we successfully handle your case. We will discuss your case at no cost to you, and if you have a viable defective drug cause of action, our lawyers will fight to get you the full compensation you are entitled to under the law.