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light blue anti-smoking tabletsIn 2021, all lots of the anti-smoking medication Chantix were voluntarily recalled by Pfizer after they were linked to an increased risk of cancer. Our firm is actively reviewing claims against the manufacturer by Chantix users who have developed cancer or other health issues. Anyone looking to take legal action may be eligible to pursue compensation to help cover medical bills and other related damages in a Chantix lawsuit.

If you or a loved one may have been impacted after using Chantix, a defective drug lawyer at Phillips Law Group is ready to discuss your available legal options in a free initial consultation at any time. There is no legal obligation to have us represent you after your initial, free review. We have obtained over $1 billion in compensation on our client’s behalf, including a recovery of $23 million in a defective drug case.

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Do I Have a Case Against Pfizer?

Defective drug cases are complex. Our lawyers must consider a variety of factors to determine if you may have a case. This includes why you chose to take Chantix versus other medications to quit smoking.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer after taking this drug, you should consider reaching out to our firm. You may have grounds to take legal action against Pfizer for marketing and selling a dangerous and defective drug. Other factors we may also consider include:

  • Your medical records and the details of your official diagnosis
  • Types of cancer treatment you are receiving and its overall effectiveness
  • If you are taking an alternative anti-smoking medication prescribed by your doctor
  • If you had to continue using the recalled drug because alternatives were unavailable
  • If hospitalization was needed because of adverse side effects from using this medication

There is a limited amount of time to initiate legal proceedings, which is why we strongly encourage that you consult with an experienced lawyer to review your situation sooner rather than later.

Compensation for Victims of Defective Drugs

Defective drug victims may be eligible to seek past and future medical expenses for ongoing cancer treatment. If you have a case, our firm is ready to pursue compensation to help cover the costs for:

  • Hospital stays
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Doctor appointments
  • Medications

Other economic damages you may be able to claim include:

  • Lost wages from missing work for treatment
  • Lost earning capacity if you cannot work
  • Cost of hiring an in-home caregiver
  • Funeral expenses if your loved one passes away

There are also noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of companionship that may be available.

Phillips Law Group has nearly 30 years of experience evaluating damages and valuing cases. We have helped many injury victims seek the maximum compensation possible. Contact our office today to discuss a possible Chantix lawsuit and the compensation you may be eligible to receive.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer to Represent Me?

Drug manufacturers and their legal teams are ready to defend their actions and discredit your claims if you decide to take legal action. You need a lawyer by your side who knows how to hold giant corporations accountable for the harm they cause consumers.

Phillips Law Group has obtained millions from giant, powerful corporations, including pharmaceutical companies, and has the knowledge, skills, and resources to build strong defective drug cases.

We are prepared to represent you and manage the legal process by:

  • Investigating anyone else harmed by the drug
  • Reviewing all relevant medical records
  • Consulting with leading medical experts
  • Speaking to your treating doctors or specialists
  • Researching the drug’s safety and its side effects
  • Negotiating for compensation that meets your needs
  • Going to trial to argue your case if it is necessary

Our firm is here to answer your questions and inform you of your legal options. The initial consultation comes at no risk, cost, or obligation to you. There are zero upfront fees if we take on a case.

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Recalls Issued Due to Cancer-Causing Chemical

Chantix was approved by the FDA in 2006 to help adults quit smoking. It is generally used for 12 to 24 weeks. Chantix blocks nicotine from reaching the receptors of the brain to decrease the pleasurable effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products. It also prevents cravings by releasing small amounts of dopamine. This medication is used with behavior modification therapy to treat nicotine addiction.

However, Chantix has since been linked to adverse health issues. In July 2021, Pfizer recalled 12 lots of the smoking cessation drug after tests found high levels of nitrosamine. This chemical is an impurity called N-nitroso-varenicline that may cause cancer. According to the recall, long-term ingestion of N-nitroso-varenicline may be associated with an “increased cancer risk in humans.”

Less than two months later, the recall was expanded to include all lots of Chantix 0.5 mg and 1 mg tablets. Pfizer has paused distribution out of an abundance of caution while further testing is conducted.

The FDA says that taking nitrosamines may increase the risk of cancer if people are exposed to this chemical at above-acceptable levels over long periods of time. The FDA has increasingly been concerned over the number of complaints about the side effects of Chantix made to the agency’s reporting system.

Chantix users have also reported severe psychological side effects such as depression, aggression, anger, hostility, and suicidal thoughts. In 2009, the FDA placed a black box warning label on Chantix — the agency’s most stringent label — informing users of these side effects. The warning label was updated in 2011 to include heart attacks and other severe cardiovascular events among some reported users.

The FDA continues to monitor for the risk of cancer and other severe side effects. The agency is requiring that Pfizer analyze all available data to get a better understanding of all potential risks associated with this drug. The FDA has also recommended that Chantix users continue taking the medication until their doctor provides a replacement or prescribes an alternative treatment.

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Chantix Cancer Lawsuits and Settlements

Pfizer is facing numerous lawsuits filed by individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer or experienced adverse health issues after taking the anti-smoking drug Chantix.

One complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on behalf of a plaintiff seeking damages for all users who purchased the recalled Chantix tablets. The lawsuit alleged that the presence of harmful impurities in the drug created an unacceptable risk of cancer for users. Other claims Chantix users may make against the manufacturer included:

  • Knowing this drug was dangerous and cancer-causing
  • Selling the tablets with unsafe levels of nitrosamine
  • Marketing the drug as being effective and free from defects
  • Failing to adequately research the medication’s side effects
  • Failing to properly warn consumers and the medical community
  • Inadequately investigating the risks associated with the drug

Pfizer has previously paid nearly $300 million to settle thousands of lawsuits filed by plaintiffs who experienced severe side effects while taking Chantix. These lawsuits were centralized in a federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.

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Pfizer and other drug manufacturers have a legal obligation to inform consumers about the risks of using their products, including any toxic chemicals that may be present. Our lawyers at Phillips Law Group are ready to hold any manufacturer liable for placing profits above the expense of protecting consumers.

We are dedicated to pursuing compensation for those injured by dangerous and defective drugs. Call today to discuss your potential claim and the legal options that may be available to you. We offer a free initial consultation and do not charge any upfront fees for providing legal representation.

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