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The common cold has been a widespread health problem since the beginning of time. Despite billions of dollars being spent by companies searching for a cure, one has not been found. As a result, there is a strong market for products that help to at least reduce the symptoms of a common cold so that those who suffer from it can continue with their routines. One product that’s been popular in recent years is known as Zicam — but one major side effect for some has been a loss of sense of smell, leading to Zicam anosmia lawsuits.

Unfortunately, many people who have used Zicam have encountered and suffered greatly from Zicam side effects like anosmia. Below you will find information regarding the nature and history of Zicam, its uses, how it works, an explanation of Zicam side effects, the reaction that these side effects have generated, and finally how you should proceed if you have been harmed by Zicam side effects like Zicam anosmia.

Zicam Lawsuit Information

Zicam is an over-the-counter product, which means that people do not need a prescription from a doctor to obtain and use it. Therefore, several forms of it can be found in any number of retail outlets across the United States and can be purchased by anyone. Zicam is manufactured by a company known as Matrixx Initiatives, Inc.

Zicam is also classified as a homeopathic product, which means that it is technically not sold as a medication like many that require a prescription. While this may seem like a small difference, this classification means that Zicam did not need to go through the formal approval process that’s required by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for many medications. Therefore, no formal studies or statistics were offered to the FDA for approval prior to Zicam hitting the market.

Zicam Product Line and How Zicam Works

The makers of Zicam sell it to the public in many different forms. Some examples of the different types of Zicam that are available to consumers include Zicam Cold Remedy, Zicam Allergy Relief, and more.

The active ingredient in Zicam is zinc, which is believed by many to provide those who use it with the benefit of minimizing the symptoms of a common cold. As listed above, Zicam is available in different forms.

Zicam Side Effects — Zicam Anosmia

Unfortunately, some reports have surfaced in recent years that have alleged that using Zicam can lead to the development of Zicam side effects. There were several hundred of these reports, and the high number of them combined with the severity of the main side effect has prompted a large reaction, which will be described below.

In regards to the Zicam side effects, the most common and most serious one alleged was the development of a condition known as anosmia. Anosmia is the loss of the sense of smell, and many believe that this condition is the result of the ingestion of a high amount of zinc. At this point, there is no known cure for anosmia, and the condition can be temporary or permanent in nature.

While not being able to smell is not by itself a dangerous condition, it can lead to dangers for those who lack this sense. For example, those who cannot smell will not be able to detect spoiled foods or the smell of smoke. There are also studies that show that many who develop anosmia will lose their appetite, lose weight, perhaps become malnourished and sometimes develop depression.

Zicam Lawsuits for Zicam Anosmia

In response to the growing number of reports of Zicam side effects, many people around the country obtained the help of Zicam side effects attorneys and filed lawsuits against the manufacturer. Reports indicate that Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. paid approximately $12 million to settle more than 300 lawsuits that had been filed against it in 2006.

In addition to the legal claims, the FDA also got involved in June 2009 by issuing a statement. This statement asked those who were using three Zicam products, in particular, to stop using them immediately because of the risk of developing anosmia. These specific products were:

  • Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel
  • Zicam Cold Remedy Gel Swabs
  • Zicam Cold Remedy Swabs, Kids Size

While the numbers and estimates vary, its believed that there were at least 130 reports of Zicam side effects by those who had used these three products.

Zicam Lawsuit Attorney Information

If you or someone you love has been harmed by Zicam side effects, you need the help of a Zicam side effects attorney who can provide you with the assistance you need in every respect.

The Zicam side effects attorneys at Phillips Law Group clearly understand how to successfully pursue a legal claim against the manufacturer of a defective drug.

In addition, the firm places a high priority on helping clients understand the nature of this process and making sure that they are informed and reassured that everything possible is being done to protect and enforce their legal rights.

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