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Taxotere and Permanent Hair Loss

Taxotere is a cancer drug commonly used to treat breast cancer. The drug has also been used to treat certain forms of lung, stomach, neck, and prostate cancers.

The drug was first approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1996, shortly after it was manufactured by the Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceutical Company.

Over the past several years, numerous scientific studies have shown a link between Taxotere and permanent hair loss.

In 2006, a study conducted by Denver, Colorado, oncologist Dr. Scot Sedlacek found that more than six percent of all breast cancer patients failed to grow back half of their hair after taking Taxotere for cancer treatment.

This form of permanent hair loss is known as alopecia.

A 2010 study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology suggested Taxotere was to blame for an increasing number of patients suffering from permanent, chemotherapy-induced alopecia.

And in 2013, the National Cancer Research Institute published a study that showed ten to 15 percent of all cancer patients who took Taxotere suffered from permanent, irreversible hair loss.

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Sanofi Aventis is being investigated for failing to warn patients about the elevated risk of permanent, irreversible hair loss associated with the defective drug Taxotere.

Although hailed as a breast cancer “wonder drug,” many patients feel that Taxotere should have come with a warning regarding its known ability to cause permanent baldness.

Had patients been rightfully informed of all of Taxotere’s side effects, they could have made the decision to take another cancer medication that was equally as effective as Taxotere, yet did not carry the risk of permanent hair loss.

While hair loss may seem like a small price to pay for an extension of your life, living with alopecia can make survivors feel as though they have not yet conquered the disease. This is unfair and unjust, and our compassionate Taxotere class action lawsuit attorneys are here to help all Taxotere victims through this difficult time.

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