Lipitor Lawyer

Lipitor is a cholesterol drug that’s manufactured by the corporate giant that is Pfizer, and it’s believed to have generated almost $11 billion just last year, with several more billion in revenue generated since its approval for use in the United States by the FDA in 1996. Since then, Lipitor has been seen as largely effective in terms of its overall results, but over time many prescription drugs run into one problem or another. That seems to be what’s occurring with this successful medication, as Pfizer has announced a Lipitor recall that affects several lots of the drug sold in the United States.

Reason for the Lipitor Recall

Several lots of Lipitor have been recalled because of consumer complaints regarding a musty smell emanating from the containers of the medication. After investigating the claims, it was discovered that this smell is the result of lots of Lipitor being exposed to to 2, 4, 6 tribromoanisole, which is a pesticide used to treat wood pallets. To date, no one has been harmed as a result of exposure to these tainted lots, but this is the same substance and smell that led to a massive Johnson & Johnson Tylenol recall recently.

Lipitor Recall – American Lots Affected

There were seven lots overall affected by this Lipitor recall, and five of them were intended for use in the United States. This basically leads to over 190,000 bottles of Lipitor being recalled. These lots include:

  • 0855020
  • 0819020
  • 0842020
  • 0843020
  • 0854020

These lots contain containers of 90-count Lipitor pills, and they have an expiration date of January 2013. Consumers who have one of these containers are advised to return it to the pharmacy.

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