Ditropan Lawyer

Ditropan is a very popular medication used for the treatment of OAB – Overactive Bladder. Unfortunately, a number of studies have shown a substantial potential link between Ditropan – also known as Oxybutynin – and the development of dementia. A significant number of elderly people may have been prescribed Ditropan or Ditropan XL over the years and developed dementia after taking the drug, and they could now be entitled to compensation.

While having an overactive bladder is indeed an uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing condition, an increased risk of developing dementia after taking a medication to treat it is alarming and should be considered with great caution by patients and their doctors. If the use of Ditropan or Ditropan XL could be linked to future dementia risk even years after taking the medication, those links should be considered carefully, and those who believe they have been affected are due justice for their suffering.

In 2020, Oxybutynin was the 97th most commonly prescribed medication in the United States. It remains incredibly popular to prescribe to treat OAB, despite studies linking the development of dementia in those over 65 to the use of oxybutynin, possibly due to its anticholinergic properties.

If you or a loved one developed dementia after taking Ditropan or Ditropan XL, you could be eligible to file a claim against drug manufacturer Janssen and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson.

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