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For more than three decades, the United States in general and Arizona specifically have been involved in what has been termed a war on drugs. While some will argue about the effectiveness of these efforts, the bottom line is that there are now more drug-related offenses and tougher penalties attached to convictions in both Arizona and on the federal level than ever before.

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As such, if you are faced with any sort of drug charge in Arizona, you need to act immediately to build the strongest defense possible. One way to get that process started as soon as possible is to contact the Arizona drug charges lawyers at Phillips Law Group today to schedule an initial consultation. The firms attorneys have handled countless drug cases on both the state and federal levels, and that critical initial consultation can take place at any time and in any place. Whats most important is that you waste no time in building your defense and asserting your rights.

Arizona Drug Offenses – Arrested for Drugs

The War on Drugs in its official capacity began in 1973 under President Nixon when he created the Drug Enforcement Agency, or the DEA as its more commonly known. Since that time, the agency has grown in scope and size, and estimates indicate that the federal government has spent more than $2.5 trillion on this effort.

While the enforcement and public policy efforts on the federal level have been well documented and ongoing, the same sort of ramping up process has occurred in Arizona. There are many reasons why drug charges are treated so harshly, what with Arizona being a border state and a prime location for smuggling and several elections on the state and local levels being won and lost as a result of candidates stances and track records in relation to this issue.

Given the clear emphasis that continues to exist on the enforcement of drug laws in Arizona, you owe it to yourself to provide the strongest defense possible as guaranteed to you under the Constitution. The Arizona criminal defense lawyers at Phillips Law Group understand this reality, which is why you should contact them immediately if you face this sort of legal problem.

Drug Charge Investigation

When a suspicion that someone could be guilty of drug charges in Arizona arises, the police waste no time and leave no stone unturned when it comes to their efforts to bring the case to a close. This includes executing searches using warrants that are issued by judges who understand how critical this issue is to the public, exposing suspects to long periods of questioning and locating potential witnesses who are either willing to cooperate with authorities or who are convinced to do so based either on the threat of prosecution or the promise of leniency in regards to their own problems.

When a case is brought to prosecutors, the attorneys will exercise the same level of urgency when pursuing drug-related indictments. The attorneys at the District Attorneys office will present all of the evidence necessary to a grand jury to vote on whether enough evidence is present to warrant an indictment.

In general, once this process starts, it almost never stops. Therefore, if you find yourself the target of such an investigation, you need to make sure that you invoke one of your many rights as provided to you by the Constitution the right to remain silent. When you invoke this right, you also need to invoke your right to an attorney, and you should contact the criminal defense attorneys at Phillips Law Group in order to protect yourself from unnecessary self incrimination.

The States Drug Conviction Strategy

If the grand jury returns with a vote to indict, you will be formally notified of that decision in writing. In addition, once this process starts, your string of required appearances also begins. The first such appearance is your arraignment, which is a hearing with a judge where youll be asked to plead guilty or not guilty. All of this leads to the eventual conclusion of the case, which is the criminal trial.

Of course, there are other levels of procedure occurring at the same time. In many drug-related cases, especially those that involve possession of such substances as marijuana/dope, crystal meth, cocaine or speed or any paraphernalia associated with these controlled substances, the prosecutor may seek an indictment on charges that are as severe as possible given the possibility that the bargaining for a plea deal could take place. These charges could include felonies such as possession of a controlled substance, distribution of controlled substances and many others that carry severe penalties.

This is basic prosecutorial strategy, as the District Attorneys office has some leeway with the charges sought. Charging you on the high end of the spectrum only strengthens their bargaining position. This is one situation within this continuum where having a skilled and experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney is absolutely critical.

Arizona Drug Charges Criminal Defense Strategy

When you contact a criminal defense attorney at Phillips Law Group, one of the experienced professionals will work out a time and place to meet with you as soon as possible. This meeting could take place almost anywhere in Arizona and at almost any time, as its quite understandable that you may not be free to travel as you please at the time.

One of the reasons that many criminal defendants do not retain an attorney is because of the fear that they cannot afford that sort of help. When you work with Phillips Law Group, finances should not be a reason not to contact the firm. Phillips Law Group offers flexible payment plans designed to meet your needs, as money should not ever be a reason to forego justice.

When the defense attorney gets involved, he or she will immediately scrutinize everything relating to your case, including the evidence thats been gathered, the witness statements, your criminal history and the charges that have been filed. All of this is done in order to fight as zealously as possible to prove your innocence. Of course, as mentioned above, the prosecutor may be angling for a deal, and a good defense attorney will be able to understand what sort of plea bargain would be fair based on your interests.

Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney for Drugs Charges

It should be clear that if you are facing any sort of drug charge in Arizona, you absolutely need the help of a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Phillips Law Group is a law firm with offices all over Arizona, including in Phoenix and Tempe, and the drug charges attorneys have the experience and skill necessary to help you. The decision to hire a criminal defense attorney in Arizona can be a decision that affects the rest of your life. You need to contact Phillips Law Group to move this process forward, and with little or no money down required, you cant afford to risk your freedom. Contact the firm today.

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Common Drug Charges

  • Trafficking
  • Possession
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Possession for Sale
  • Marijuana Cultivation
  • Manufacturing

Common Illicit Drugs

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine (meth)
  • Marijuana (pot, weed, grass)
  • MDMA (Ecstasy, X)
  • GHB
  • Prescription Drugs (not prescribed by a doctor)


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