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The concept of white collar crimes may involve many different types of charges on both the Arizona and the federal level, but for many defendants, white collar crime charges are much more than a concept they are a difficult reality. The Arizona law firm ofPhillips Law Group is staffed with a team of white collar crimes attorneys who understand how to properly defend these types of charges based on a combination of track record and experience.

Despite the severity of the penalties attached to a conviction of these charges, our Arizona criminal defense law firm has helped countless clients through this difficult time. If you are facing this sort of problem, contact the firm immediately, as payment plans and flexibility in terms of fees are available, and you need to get the process of building a strong defense started as soon as possible.

Arizona White Collar Crimes Charges

As it stands currently, a suspect could be charged on either the Arizona or the federal level for the following crimes:

  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Forgery
  • Money laundering
  • Identity theft

Of course, there are others, but historically, white collar crimes have always been an element of society. As long as there have been banks and financial transactions, there have been problems with crime, and in recent years with the advent of the Internet, white collar crimes have only risen in prevalence.

As a result, the public is clamoring for tougher enforcement of new laws and for stiffer penalties for convictions of these sorts of crimes that are now easier to commit than ever before. When this process of public outrage takes place, the reaction regularly is noted tangibly in the state and federal legislatures and ultimately becomes part of the criminal enforcement arms of the government.

Given this reality, you need to make sure that you secure the help of an experienced white collar crimes attorney in Arizona if you face these charges. ContactPhillips Law Group today to get the process of building your defense started.

Arizona White Collar Crimes Investigation

Generally speaking, if someone is being investigated for white collar crimes in Arizona, he or she will be dealing with a much different type of government official than someone who is charged with a violent or a drug crime. Since the essence of these crimes involve paperwork, computer files and the tracking of transactions, different arms of law enforcement will soon be involved if youre suspected of white collar crimes.

Examples of these arms of government include the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and perhaps the FBI on the federal level and bank investigators, financial regulators and tax authorities within the Arizona government. These government officials are experienced and skilled at their craft and will not leave any detail uncovered when investigating a crime of this nature.

Fortunately, like with any other crime, you have rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and you should remember to enforce them if you find yourself embroiled in this situation. There are two rights to remember above all others the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney present. If you are being investigated and youre asked to answer questions, respectfully invoke these rights and contact the white collar crimes attorneys atPhillips Law Group as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation.

White Collar Crimes Prosecution Strategy

Depending on whether or not the white collar crimes charges you face are on the state or the federal level, you will likely face a team of prosecutors whose sole job is to secure convictions for investigations that result in the compiling of enough evidence to name a prime suspect. This process is meticulous, grueling and many times extremely confusing given the complexity of the statutes involved.

Therefore, these prosecutors will likely present what seems like a mountain of documented evidence and witness statements to a grand jury in an effort to secure an indictment. If the indictment is granted, the strategic aspect of the prosecutorial process tends to begin. Many times, prosecutors may be willing to prosecute you for the crimes with which youre charged, but they may also be looking to secure evidence against someone else if the nature of the crime charged involved other parties and/or some sort of conspiracy.

You should not be surprised if you are charged with crimes that represent the high end of the discretionary spectrum in terms of the potential penalties, as this is often done to prompt the defendant to work towards a plea bargain in order to avoid exposure to those harsh penalties. This is a common tactic and one that should be met with an experienced white collar crimes attorney who understands the intricacies of this process.

Arizona White Collar Criminal Defense Strategy

If you have been charged with any of the white collar crimes listed above or any others, your first step needs to be to secure the help of an Arizona criminal defense lawyer.Phillips Law Group is a law firm with a team of white collar crimes attorneys, and they will be able to meet with you at any time and in almost any place. In addition, the firm offers flexible payment plans and options so that you do not have to forego your rights simply because you think you cant afford a proper attorney.

When you begin work with your Arizona criminal defense attorney, he or she will want to hear your side of the story and then progress through an exhaustive process of evaluating the evidence gathered against you. This includes the financial and/or computer records and any witness statements, and at this point your attorney will recommend whether you should fight for your innocence or begin the process of negotiating a fair plea bargain. Regardless of the ultimate decision that is made, your attorney will work with a sense of compassion and make sure that those decisions are made with only your best interests in mind.

Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer

Regardless of where in Arizona you may be charged with white collar crimes or whether the nature of your charges are on the state or federal level,Phillips Law Group is ready and willing to help you immediately with its team of Arizona criminal defense attorneys. The firm has offices all over Arizona, including in Phoenix and Tempe. This is a decision that could affect the rest of your life, so now is not the time to take a situation lightly. ContactPhillips Law Group today to get the process of building a strong defense started, and keep in mind that flexible payment plans are available.


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