Phoenix, AZ Prostitution Lawyer

August 2008, Phoenix AZ.

Recent news has detailed the continued investigation by law enforcement officials of an alleged multi-state prostitution ring in the Phoenix area, known as the Desert Diva Sting, and as of this date there have now been 55 arrests in relation to the matter, and 17 defendants have been charged with felonies. All indications are that the investigation is going to continue.

Arizona is a jurisdiction that’s recently placed a high priority on ramped up enforcement of prostitution in general, and as of 2006, the penalties for almost any sort of involvement in this activity became much more severe in nature for those convicted of soliciting prostitution and other offenses.

If you or someone you care about has either already been arrested and/or charged with a crime related to this matter or you think it’s possible that law enforcement officials could ultimately come after you if you’ve ever been on the premises in question, you have no time to waste to make sure that your rights are protected. Contact the Prostitution defense attorney at the Arizona law firm of Montano Arentz & Associates, PLLC as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation.

Phillips & Associates: Arizona Prostitution Sting Attorney

Contacting a Prostitution defense attorney at Montano Arentz & Associates, PLLC will help your cause in more ways than can be listed here, but below are just a few examples of how your situation will improve immediately if you contact the firm and retain an advocate for your case:

  1. Processing A skilled criminal defense attorney will be able to help you through the arrest process if it hasn’t happened yet by working with law enforcement officials to negotiate the step of turning yourself in. This could save you an immeasurable amount of publicity and humiliation.
  2. Negotiating Although every potential negotiation of a criminal charge depends on several factors, a criminal defense attorney may be able to work with prosecutors to secure a negotiated plea bargain, possibly for a lesser charge. This will also prevent a public trial and perhaps enormous legal expenses.
  3. Advocating If your case needs to go to trial for whatever reason, you need to have an experienced criminal defense attorney with a successful track record working on your behalf, as you will be facing severe penalties if you are convicted.

Laws on Prostitution solicitation in Arizona

As previously stated, the laws regarding prostitution solicitation in Arizona carry severe punishments for a conviction, and they are as follows:

  • 15 consecutive days in jail for first offense
  • 30 consecutive days in jail for second offense
  • 60 consecutive days in jail for third offense
  • 180 consecutive days in jail for fourth or subsequent offense

Not to mention, any conviction of a fourth offense and beyond will be recorded as a felony, which will stain your record for a number of years.

Find and contact an Arizona prostitution lawyer.

If you are already involved or could be involved in this situation, the worst thing you can do is to allow your fear to take hold and leave you hoping that it simply goes away. It will not, and in fact could only get worse if you don’t take action. Contact a criminal defense attorney at Montano Arentz & Associates, PLLC as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation and to make sure that your rights are protected.


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