Phoenix, AZ Violent Crimes Lawyer

The notion of maintaining a strong body of laws designed to punish those who commit violent crimes is nothing new in society, and if you are faced with such a charge, you need to act immediately to secure the proper Arizona criminal defense lawyer to help fight for your rights.Phillips Law Group is an Arizona law firm with a team of violent crimes lawyers, and the firm also offers flexible payment plans designed to provide suspects and defendants with an opportunity to provide themselves with the legal help they need as they face this difficult situation. Below is an overview of the issue of violent crimes in Arizona.

Arizona Violent Crimes Charges

As mentioned above, violent crimes have a long history in both society in general and in Arizona, and there has been a consistent demand by the public to enact and enforce tough laws against those who commit these sort of crimes. Prosecutors and judges alike fully understand that violent crime statistics, particularly those that deal with conviction rates, have gone a long way towards deciding elections, which is why their efforts in prosecuting those charged with violent crimes in Arizona is almost always relentless. Below are a few examples of violent crimes in Arizona:

  • Domestic violence
  • Assault and battery
  • Armed robbery
  • Carjacking
  • Bank robbery

Clearly this is not an all-inclusive list, but the examples do provide some perspective on the different types of acts that are deemed to be violent crimes by officials in Arizona. If you are facing an investigation and/or prosecution for violent crimes, you need to contact the Phoenix criminal defense lawyers atPhillips Law Group today so that you can be sure that your rights are properly protected and enforced.

Arizona Violent Crimes Investigation

The investigation of violent crimes in Arizona is, like anywhere else, extremely aggressive and thorough in nature. There are many reasons for this reality, but the bottom line is that there are special squads and task forces within police departments across Arizona whose specific mission is to investigate and arrest those who are suspected of violent crimes.

The police will stop at nothing when they receive a report of the alleged commission of a violent crime. They will scour the scene of the incident for any and all physical evidence, theyll question any witnesses who may have seen what happened and theyll press the suspect aggressively in order to obtain a statement that will help them build their case.

If you find yourself in this situation, you need to remember that you have rights guaranteed by the Constitution. These rights include the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney present during questioning. Before you begin to provide statements and/or evidence to investigators, you need to make use of these rights with the knowledge that doing so cannot be held against you. In terms of how to secure legal representation, you need to contact the Arizona violent crimes attorneys atPhillips Law Group today to schedule an initial consultation before you unwittingly waive any rights, including the right to avoid self-incrimination.

Arizona District Attorneys and Prosecutors Strategy

When prosecutors are handed a file that contains the potential prosecution of a suspect for a violent crime, most of them understand that they need to proceed with a high degree of aggressiveness. Violent crimes are always very graphic in nature in terms of the facts that surround the situation, and the public expects accountability for those who are guilty of these acts.

Typically, if the suspect has no prior criminal record and no one was seriously injured in the commission of the alleged crime, prosecutors will likely charge the suspect with the most severe charge possible in order to secure a strong degree of leverage for any negotiation that could take place in regards to a plea bargain.

However, if the suspect has a criminal history and/or someone was seriously injured or worse during the episode at issue, prosecutors tend to take a much harder line. There are situations in which they can use mandatory sentencing guidelines in their favor and they could refuse to negotiate a plea bargain depending on the facts of the case.

Regardless of the approach by the prosecution, if you have been charged with a violent crime in Arizona, you need to make sure that youre building the strongest defense possible as guaranteed to you by the Constitution. That starts by retaining a criminal defense lawyer fromPhillips Law Group immediately, as the attorneys at the firm have many years of experience in helping clients fight for their rights and in working through these situations.

Violent Crimes Defense Strategy Phoenix Arizona

Above all else, the criminal defense attorneys withPhillips Law Group have acquired the ability to work with clients with a high degree of compassion based on their extensive experience. While that is certainly important, knowledge of the laws that govern the situation, evidentiary rules and potential challenges to evidence along with strategic capabilities are all critical in regards to building your defense.

Your attorney will thoroughly examine all of the evidence thats being compiled against you and will work tirelessly to find any sort of opportunity to maximize the strength of your case within the bounds of the law. You need that sort of diligence when facing substantial prison time, and you owe it to yourself to fight just as hard as your adversaries.

Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney

Clearly, being charged with a violent crime is an extremely serious situation to face. However, rather than allowing your fear and stress to overtake your conduct, you need to fight through that and get started immediately on building your defense. The Arizona criminal defense lawyers atPhillips Law Group have offices all over Arizona, including in Phoenix and Tempe, and the team will be able to meet with you at a location that works for you. In addition, the firm feels that monetary issues should not be a bar to justice, which is why the firm provides flexibility by way of payment plans. Contact the firm today to get the process of fighting for your freedom started.


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