Finding the Right Defense Attorney in Phoenix, AZ

Being investigated for or charged with a crime in Arizona is an extremely stressful experience. The government is driven for many reasons to seek out and to obtain convictions for charges that are leveled against a defendant, and once the process starts it simply will not stop. If you have been arrested, you should have had your rights explained to you, and those include the right to have an attorney present during questioning and throughout the process. While it’s always a good idea to have an attorney to represent you, it’s just as important to work with an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney for many reasons, many of which will be explained below.

Knowledge of Arizona Law

Criminal law is quite complicated in several respects, and while every law student must learn the basics of criminal law in order to pass the bar exam, the reality of practicing criminal law involves much more than the basics. Every law passed has loopholes, particularities and influences on other laws, and experience is really the only way in which an attorney can come to obtain an instinctive understanding of the laws involved and how to work within them in furtherance of a client’s interests.

Strategic Criminal Defense Considerations

Every prosecution involves strategy, and these strategic considerations begin long before any trial starts. If negotiating a plea bargain is in your best interests, an experienced attorney will be able to position your case such that it provides you with the best opportunity to obtain an offer from the prosecution that’s fair and equitable.

Reputation of Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

The practice of criminal law is one in which most of the prosecutors and judges are familiar with the local defense attorneys, and that is not unique to Arizona. What this means for you is that if you work with an experienced criminal defense attorney, his or her reputation could have an effect on how the prosecutors approach your case. For instance, if you choose to work with someone with a high level of experience and someone who is known for being a top-level attorney, the prosecution could be more likely to deal with your case in such a way that it presents the best possible scenario for you given the circumstances.

Phoenix Criminal Defense Case Management

Not only is facing the prospect of a criminal prosecution extremely stressful for the defendant, but managing a case and/or a trial can be stressful for an attorney as well. However, this level of stress becomes much more manageable over time for an attorney who has been helping clients for many years, and this will only benefit the client by way of reasoned, sound advice and solid recommendations when it comes time to make decisions.

If you are facing criminal prosecution in Arizona or even the possibility of it, you need to secure the help of an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule an initial consultation.