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Despite the economic difficulties that Arizona has faced in recent years, the construction industry continues to employ workers. Unfortunately for those who staff these jobs, construction work has historically been one of the most dangerous occupations in existence. Even with the lower number of construction workers presently, more than 1,000 people are killed in these situations every year in the United States. Therefore, the need for help from Phoenixconstruction accident lawyers remains high. Below you’ll find a brief overview of the types of law that could become relevant for anyone who has been harmed in a construction accident in Arizona.

AZ Construction Injury Attorney – Worker’s Compensation Claims

The most direct and basic form of compensation available to someone who is injured in a construction accident is to seek benefits under Arizona’s worker’s compensation laws. Unfortunately, though, there are limits in terms of the benefits available. Arizona’s laws place specific limits on the amount that can be collected in terms of financial help while a worker is injured and unable to work, and even death benefits have a cap. Generally, though, if someone is injured in the course of normal employment, these are the laws that can govern the situation.

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In certain situations, it’s also possible to file an Arizona personal injury lawsuit if a worker is injured either by a third party or in scenarios where a work environment is inherently unsafe and unreasonably dangerous. When these situations arise, a lawsuit can involve several technicalities that require experienced legal help in order to properly handle them. For instance, identifying the proper defendant or defendants and properly offering evidence that supports the damages sought will involve adversarial steps taken by the other parties. That said, these cases can lead to damages that compensate those who were injured by way of damages for medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering.

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