Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Phoenix, AZ

Since the early 1900s workers compensation has provided assistance to persons who have been injured while on the job or as a result of the industry they work in. For some time workers comp laws were voluntary and even now the benefits injured workers may receive can vary from state to state.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2011 more than 900,000 persons were injured or had fallen ill while working and had to miss an average of 8 days of work. Approximately 26 percent of these ill or injured workers were between the ages of 45 and 54. Additionally, nearly 5,000 persons had suffered from fatal workplace injuries in 2011.

Throughout Arizona, the largest number of recordable workplace injuries occurred in the local government sector followed closely by those in private industries. In the private industries there were more than 300 recordable workers compensation incidents and of those, at least 90 resulted in time losses.

If you or a loved one has been injured or fallen ill due to their employment, the victim may be entitled to further compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. Although Arizona workers comp is legally supposed to provide benefits, sometimes insurance companies will avoid providing you, or your loved ones, with the recompense you deserve.

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Types of Workers Compensation

All employers are required to provide workers comp, however, the state of Arizona created a Special Fund to assist those whose employer failed to obey the law. In 2011 there were 436 claims that were processed through the no insurance claims fund.

Those employers who do provide the appropriate types of benefits may provide two types of coverage, medical-only claims and time loss claims.

Medical-only claims mean that an employer may cover the medical expenses associated with a workplace injury that didn’t result in more than 8 days of time lost. According to a 2009 National Hospital Ambulatory Care Survey, more than 1.57 million persons who visited an emergency room expected their worker’s compensation to cover the medical expenses.

If an injured worker is unable to return to work for more than 7 days, time loss benefits will provide compensation for your lost wages. An injured worker will only receive wages for the time lost after the initial first week of the injury or illness unless the time off extends beyond two weeks then retrograde pay may be provided.

Temporary Compensation
While an employee is out of work the employer may compensate them for their lost wages until the injured worker is able to return to work. A person may receive these temporary benefits until a doctor determines that the injury or illness has been fully healed or that the patient may be released back to work.

Permanent Compensation
If a doctor determines that you will suffer from a permanent disability or illness, the employee will receive benefits, usually each month, for the permanent injury.

When it comes to permanent injuries, Arizona workers compensation has two categories:

Scheduled An injury to a specific body part. The amount of compensation is set forth by the Arizona Workers Compensation Law.

Unscheduled Injuries that occur as a result of a general, combination of, or a history of other permanent bodily impairments.

The type of compensation a person may receive for their scheduled or unscheduled injury may be based on education, work experience, age, and many more factors.

If a worker suffers a fatal injury or illness, the family may request compensation for the burial expenses and lost wages. A spouse, spouse with dependent children, dependent children, and parents are eligible to apply for these types of benefits.

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