Wage Benefits for Workers’ Compensation in Phoenix, AZ

Under the protection of workers compensation, injured employees are guaranteed benefits while they are unable to work as part of their employment. These benefits cover the worker while they are recovering from an injury, are receiving treatment, and a number of other aspects related to such a scenario.

Loss of income in a huge stress for an injured worker, and if an employer denies wage benefits to a covered employee, that worker may have a claim to receive much needed compensation under workers compensation laws.

Arizona state rules surrounding workers compensation claims require the claimant file the claim within a year of its occurrence, according to information from the Arizona Industrial Commission. Arizona law states that workers compensation claims fall under a no-fault system, whereby the claimant cannot be punished for filing the claim and, if approved, the employer must provide medical benefits, temporary compensation, and in some case job retraining in order to assist the worker in their recovery.

If you or someone you love was injured on the job and your claim for workers compensation was denied, contacting a knowledgeable employee benefits attorney will help you explore your options and get back on the road to recovery without worrying about loss of income.

The attorneys of Phillips Law Group can skillfully fight for the MAXIMUM amount of compensation due to our clients with workers compensation claims, and we can facilitate the litigation process for you and your family.

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Types of Wage Benefits

Each type of workers compensation benefit may not apply to every claim however they are all available to any worker covered under their employers policy. The following breakdown highlights the differences of each type of wage benefit and explains some basic qualifications of each:

Medical Benefits

Usually any medical expenses needed to identify and treat the workers illness of injury will be covered under workers compensation, although these details will vary from state to state.

Doctors visits, surgeries, medications, counseling, and other necessary services should be covered by the medical benefits in the policy.


Physical and therapeutic rehabilitative services that are required in order to return to the workers previous occupation should be covered by workers compensation. In some cases, retraining, continuing education tuition, evaluations or other associated costs may be available to the injured worker.


Broken down further into total, partial, temporary or permanent disability, this type of wage benefit aims to compensate a worker for the time they are unable to perform their job if it goes beyond an extended period of time.

  • Temporary Total Disability means an employee cannot work in any capacity but will eventually be able to do so.
  • Temporary Partial Disability refers to a worker who is only able to perform their duties in a limited capacity and will one day be able to return to their original abilities.
  • Permanent Total Disability causes an employee to lose their ability to earn gainful employment from their current job for the rest of their life.
  • Permanent Partial Disability will negatively affect a workers ability to perform their job duties for the rest of their lives but only impacts a portion of their abilities.

For each of these benefits a worker will experience a wait time between the date of filing the claim and receiving the benefits. In general, a worker can expect to receive approximately two-thirds of their wages without having to pay income tax on them.

In many cases, however, a workers claim for wage benefits under employment law may be denied. That worker has the right to file a legal claim seeking compensation for the expenses they incurred as a result of their injuries and the time they were unable to work.

Arizona workers compensation lawyers will have the legal understanding and abilities to assist you in filing the claim and navigating the system so you and your family no longer need to suffer the stress of lost income.

Contacting Our Phoenix AZ Employee Rights Attorneys

At Phillips Law Group, our Phoenix, AZ employee rights lawyers are dedicated to helping workers fight for their rights. If you or a loved one has been injured through no fault of your own while on the job, you may have cause to pursue legal recourse.

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