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If your employer offers insurance covering long-term disability (LTD), whether from serious injuries or an illness, you could be entitled to compensation. You could be eligible to receive benefits in addition to your Social Security or work injury claim. In addition, simply because you get one payment does not mean you will be entitled to another. If you have been denied LTD benefits, or have benefits that were approved and were stopped even though you were still sick, Phillips Law Group can provide advice on the rights you have.

At Phillips Law Group, our long-term disability attorneys thoroughly understand the LTD laws and will work relentlessly on your behalf to assure you receive all the benefits you are entitled to under the law. If you or a loved one has been injured or is suffering from a serious illness, we are prepared to help you pursue your LTD benefits claims, and would like to speak with you.

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What is ERISA?

Although it is not required that the federal government provide all employers with long-term disability insurance, it has set a series of minimum standards for employee pension plans if they are offered. ERISA stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, and federally regulates the minimum standards that an employees benefit plans must meet; therefore, a great majority of claims for long-term disability are regulated by ERISA.

Over the past decade, ERISA has become more employer friendly as court decisions have allowed insurance agencies the ability to deny more claims for long-term disability insurance, or grant the claim and discontinue the payments after a two year period.

Denied Long-Term Disability?

Unfortunately, a majority of long-term disability claims are denied, while this does not necessarily mean it is the end of the road for these individuals. In fact, not all long-term disability policies are identical in their terms; therefore, the appeal process may depend on the terms and policies provided in your specific long-term disability plan.

In some instances, an appeal will consist of filing a letter with your insurance agency stating your arguments in favor of your claim. In other cases, policies may contain a mandatory arbitration clause requiring all appeals are brought before an arbitrator. Lastly, it may be required to bring your case to court in order to retain the long-term disability benefits you deserve.

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The attorneys at Phillips law Group believe that if you have submitted a claim for long-term disability, and have been denied, or if you getting prepared to file a claim, our attorneys may be able to help. With over 29 years of long-term disability experience, our legal team is prepared to seek and obtain the compensation you deserve.

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