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Under Arizona law, workers’ compensation benefits cover disfigurement, or disfiguration, which occurs as the result of a workplace accident or injury. Employees that suffer disfiguration can be unable to achieve gainful employment because of their injuries, or at the very least may suffer discrimination because of their disfiguration.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, private industry employers reported 57,100 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in Arizona in 2021. In the case of an Arizona workers’ compensation disfigurement claim, there are various levels of disability that an employer will attribute to a worker’s injury.

It is illegal, however, for an employer to discriminate against an employee who files a workers’ compensation claim following a workplace injury, and if you or a loved one has been the victim of disfiguration because of such an incident, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

The attorneys of Phillips Law Group understand the immense pain and suffering that go along with disfiguration, and that the victims of such an accident must fight for their voices to be heard to ensure that they receive the compensation, medical attention, and necessary treatment that they deserve.

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Types of Disfiguration

Transportation incidents were the most frequent fatal workplace event in Arizona in 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Other categories included exposure to harmful substances or environments, violence and other injuries by persons or animals, contact with objects or equipment, and falls, slips, and trips. Depending on the incident a worker’s disfiguration could involve permanent scarring or loss of limb, to name a few.

The following are some of the most commonly reported types of disfiguration:

  • Burns resulting in scarring
  • Deep lacerations
  • Facial scarring
  • Loss of arm
  • Loss of eye or eyes
  • Loss of leg
  • Mutilated torso
  • A portion of limb loss
  • Severed finger or fingers
  • Severed toe or toes
  • and many others.

The physical pain a worker will endure during an episode that results in their disfigurement can be excruciating and impossible to imagine, which is why it is vital to report and treat any workplace injuries as quickly as possible. Valuable time may be lost if there is any hesitation, and the victims of workplace disfiguration must act quickly to salvage what they can of their health.

Phillips Law Group knows how difficult it can be to deal with a permanent impairment or disfigurement, and we believe that our clients deserve competent representation and swift action in order to help them and their loved ones recover from their injuries and move on with their lives.

Arizona Permanent Impairment

According to the ICA workplace injuries that result in permanent impairment are separated into two categories, scheduled and nonscheduled injuries. The difference between the two is directly related to which part or parts of the body the injury affects.

A scheduled injury affects a single limb or body part, such as a leg, arm, finger, face or teeth, while an unscheduled injury can affect a combination of areas of the body, or result in a general impairment.

Compensation for scheduled injuries may be paid for a specified length of time, while an unscheduled injury may prevent the worker from ever finding employment again, and if this is the case then the benefits will continue as long as the impairment prevents them from doing so.

In Arizona, the Industrial Commission decides the amount of compensation based on loss of earning capacity and there are many variables involved in this decision. Education, limitations, work experience, and other factors contribute to the ICAs compensation estimate.

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