Ford F-150 Pickup Truck Lawyer

Millions of people have driven Ford F-150 pickup trucks for many reasons, and it has been the top-selling pickup truck in the United States for three decades. Unfortunately, more than a million owners of these vehicles either already have or soon will receive very negative news, as Ford Motor Company has announced a massive Ford F-150 recall that comes on the heels of months of intense negotiations with the federal government. This recall is effective immediately, but owners will be notified of it personally in the coming weeks.

According to several reports, this Ford F-150 recall was announced by the company at the urging of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA. This federal agency had received more than 200 complaints from consumers that included approximately 60 reports of injuries by those who owned or rode in Ford F-150 pickups, and the reason for these complaints was the tendency for the airbags in these vehicles to deploy unexpectedly. As a result, these models are being recalled so that repairs can be performed.

Ford F-150 Recall Specifics

Specifically, this Ford F-150 recall affects 1.47 million models sold mostly in North America, and those that have been recalled are the models that were manufactured between 2004 and 2006. Ford Motor Company has stated that it will send notification of this issue to owners in May, and that those who receive these notices should report to the nearest dealership so that these repairs can be performed. In addition, anyone who sees the airbag light come on in their vehicle should also report to a dealership to handle this problem.

Arizona Lawyers Ready To Help You

If people are injured by defective airbags in vehicles that have been affected by this Ford F-150 recall, then those injured people could have reason to bring an Arizona defective products lawsuit against the manufacturer in many situations. If such a lawsuit was filed by a plaintiff and that lawsuit produced a verdict that the airbags were defective and caused the injuries, the plaintiff could be awarded damages that compensate him or her for medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering.

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