Cartiva Implant Lawyer

Some patients who have received Cartiva toe implants to treat arthritis later complained of motion issues, post-operative pain, cases of the implant caving into the bone – also known as subsidence – and other problems.

The implant is supposed to help patients with osteoarthritis in the big toe and to relieve friction caused by worn-down cartilage in the toe. It is supposed to help the patient move the joint freely as an alternative to toe fusion surgery, which can limit mobility.

Unfortunately, some patients who got the Cartiva implant have instead ended up with more toe issues and injuries after the procedure. Indeed, the University Foot and Ankle Institute reported that a shocking number of about 50 percent of the implants they had done actually failed.

If you or a loved one suffered complications after receiving an implant and experienced a Cartiva implant failure, you may be eligible to pursue legal action.

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