Tanker Truck Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

Any vehicle with a tanker attached to the back is referred to as a tanker truck. Often utilized to transport and carry large quantities of liquid, tanker trucks are commonly seen on the roads and highways throughout the United States. Any motor vehicle collisions present a certain level of danger, tanker accidents, however, often involve an elevated level of danger due to the amount of liquid inside the tanks, which is often flammable and subject to explosions or fires in the event of a crash.

Liquid cargo is amongst the most hazardous of all types of freight carried in commercial vehicles. For example, under-filled tanker trucks maintain a slosh factor which causes the liquid loads carried inside to become insecure, which typically causes the truck drive to lose control of the truck and collide with surrounding trucks and cars. In addition, when tanker accidents occur, the vehicle often rolls over and continues to roll greater distances than its commercial vehicle counterparts.

In the United States, there are a number of strict laws and regulations regarding tanker trucks and the proper methods of loading. Tanker truck weight is calculated in relation to the volume of liquid being carried inside of the tanks. Sadly, because the liquid inside of the tanks typically has higher density level, overloaded tankers create a potentially deadly situation. In fact, studies have shown that tanker trucks less than three-quarters full are at high risk for rollover accidents.

Phillips Law Group has been litigated countless tanker truck accident cases. Due to the variety of specific laws regarding commercial vehicles, all Arizona motorists must seek the advice of a legal professional in the event of a truck collision. If you or a loved one has been involved in a tanker accident, Phillips Law Group is here to guide you throughout the litigation process.

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Hazards of Tanker Accidents

The NHTSA estimates that about 5,000 traffic fatalities each year are directly attributed to large commercial truck collisions. Tanker accidents tend to be the most catastrophic of all types of commercial truck crashes due to a variety of elements specific to tanks. First, the weight and size of tanker trucks makes it difficult for drivers to stop quickly, creating a significant number of accidents.

Additionally, tankers are often unable to maneuver their vehicles easily due to their structure and the loads being carried. These factors create a potentially deadly situation when any type of vehicle collides with a tanker truck. Commercial vehicles may weigh up to 80,000 pounds and clearly create potential danger; however, accidents involving tanker trucks tend to be far more severe. A number of hazards existing in tanker truck accidents are special to these specific vehicles. Below, Phillips Law Group provides a list of the most significant tanker truck hazards.


An explosion has the potential of erupting during any type of motor vehicle collision. However, tank accidents are especially disposed to explosions after a forceful impact. The majority of the liquids carried in the tanks are flammable; any collision with another vehicle on the road creates a situation where an explosion may occur. In these situations, any surrounding vehicles are in great danger.

Chemical Burns

While transporting hazardous liquids and liquid chemicals, a number of additional risks arise in regard to commercial vehicle travel. For example, radioactive materials are commonly carried in tanker trucks and when an accident takes place, these chemicals will severely injure any accident victims in close proximity.

Leaks and Spills

Leaks and spills may occur in a few different types of situations in Arizona truck accidents. In some cases, the force of the crash will cause a leaking or spillage to occur, which places any near motorist in danger. In addition, leaks caused by some form of truck defect will cause the liquid carried in the truck to slowly leak out or spill.


Due to the fact that much of the liquid being carried is flammable, any accident with a tanker truck may result in a vehicle fire. A variety of petroleum products such as oils and gases are carried in the tank and subject to catch on fire in the event of a crash. Burn injuries are often some of the most catastrophic and devastating injuries that accident victims suffer, often leaving permanent scarring for those who have been burned in the collision.


Sloshing is an extremely common occurrence in tanker trucks. When a tanker truck is only filled to three-fourths of its capacity, sloshing occurs due to the excess movement in the tank not fully filled with liquid. Sloshing often causes the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle due to the weight shift in the trailer.

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