Street Sweeper Collision Claims in Phoenix, AZ

Large area clean-ups are usually relegated to street sweepers. Previously this was an occupation that was conducted by an individual using hand-held tools however now the work is usually performed by a machine. The truck-like machine is driven by a sanitation worker or employee of a street sweeping company.

Street sweeping machines were created in the 19th century and were only capable of effectively removing large debris. Modern street sweepers can now move about large and small debris, vacuum up debris, and use water tanks and sprayers to loosen particles and dust. Once all debris has been loosened and swept into a main collection area, the debris is vacuumed into a collection bin or hopper.

About 90 percent of all street sweepers used today are of the broom variety. In Phoenix the downtown streets are swept every day while residential streets have schedules in place to sweep the areas every two weeks.

Street sweepers are usually attached to a larger truck which often weigh much more than an everyday vehicle. There have been several accidents involving street sweepers reported however the precise number of collisions is not precisely known. In Arizona there were more than 12,000 truck accidents reported in 2011. Additionally, there were 8,000 accidents involving unspecified truck combinations.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a street sweeping accident caused by a negligent driver, the victim may be entitled to compensation for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Causes of Street Sweeping Accidents

Most street sweepers are run in the early morning hours meaning that most collisions occur overnight. The city of Phoenix recommends that if your residential street is scheduled to be swept that a minimal amount of vehicles be parked on the street in order to lessen the possibility of accidental damage.

Some common causes of street sweeping accidents include:

When a street sweeping truck driver is not experienced in handling such machinery a number of issues can arise including failing to see other vehicles and even running into those parked on the street.

Types of Street Sweeping Accidents

Street sweepers are large and built differently from commercial trucks, most are equipped with additional parts that stick out of the vehicle. Such a design is part of what makes the vehicle dangerous and more prone to be involved in certain types of collisions.

Some common types of street sweeper accidents include:

If the driver of a street sweeper is backing the vehicle up it could also collide with a parked or moving vehicle. Many street sweepers are large which can inhibit how much the driver can see which can lead to hitting other vehicles as well as pedestrians and bicyclists.

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