Unsecured Load Truck Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

Loading a truck is not as simple as piling objects on top of a truck bed or inside a trailer. Loading takes skill and patience. Property damage, injuries, and death can result from one reckless action or a hasty mistake, and an unsecured load accident can be devastating to the parties involved.

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What Responsible Loaders Should Know:

Trucking companies realize that a lot can go wrong if a truck is not loaded in the right way. They have an obligation to minimize the likelihood of accidents by training loaders to follow specific guidelines. 

For instance, employees might be trained to:

  • Distribute weight evenly between the right and left sides of the trailer
  • Position more than half of the weight toward the front end of the vehicle
  • Stack the heaviest objects on the bottom 
  • Place fragile items on top 
  • Tie down or otherwise secure things that may shift, especially on open truck beds
  • Use wheel chocks, chains, and heavy-duty ropes to secure vehicles
  • Face vehicles forward and secure them near the front wall of the transporting truck
  • Never overload a truck or try to tow more than the required amount for the chassis
  • Follow local and national regulations for carrying hazardous materials when authorized to do so

These guidelines should give you an idea that there is a lot to consider when loading a truck. When confronted with tight time or budget constraints, companies might attempt to cut corners. Continue reading the sections below to learn why compromising on safety is a terrible idea that can easily lead to unsecured load accidents.