Contacting a Phoenix, AZ Truck Accident Attorney

How Do I Find a Good Truck Accident Lawyer?

Being involved in an auto accident can be a very unnerving experience for any victim. However, when the accident involves a commercial truck, victims are often left traumatized. Unlike car accidents, in which damages may range from mild to severe, truck accidents almost always result in catastrophic damages and injuries to victims. 

Due to the multiple complexities involved in pursuing compensation for damages after suffering a truck accident, it simply would not make sense to go it alone. The assistance of a truck accident lawyer would be absolutely necessary. But, you may wonder, with all the truck accident law firms available in the area, how can you find a good truck accident lawyer for your case?

Our knowledgeable lawyers, with years of experience, will review your case and determine your options. The initial consultation is always free with our law firm.

Why the Assistance of a Good Truck Accident Lawyer is Vital 

There are considerable differences between accidents that involve just passenger cars and accidents involving large commercial trucks. These differences are highlighted in the following list.

It is vital to have the assistance of an experienced lawyer with a truck accident claim because of the:

  • Liable parties: In commercial truck accidents, there can be multiple potentially liable parties, each with their own insurers. By contrast, auto accidents usually involve just two insurance policies. Potentially liable parties in trucking accidents may include the maintenance company, the manufacturer, the loading company, and the trucking company itself.
  • Damages and injuries: Large commercial trucks weigh about 20 to 30 times more than an automobile. This results in a loaded truck taking 20 to 40 percent farther to come to a stop. This is why damages from commercial truck accidents are almost always catastrophic, with injuries often life-changing or fatal for multiple victims. This results in an extremely high sum of medical expenses. 
  • Laws and regulations: Automobile drivers and commercial truck drivers must follow the same state laws as set out for drivers. However, truck drivers must additionally adhere to rules and regulations stipulated by the Federal Government. A failure to follow these rules and regulations on the part of a truck driver could result in liability for him or her.
  • Extensive investigation necessary: In the aftermath of a car accident, drivers typically exchange insurance information, take photos, talk to eyewitnesses, and obtain copies of police reports. Accidents involving commercial trucks require extensive investigation work. Evidence must be secured from various sources, such as black box data, inspection reports, time logs, weigh station receipts, and repair records.

These are just a few examples to show why a good truck accident lawyer’s assistance is crucial in pursuing compensation for damages from an accident. Trying to navigate the complexities of a truck accident alone would not be the wisest course to take. A good truck accident lawyer already knows how to investigate, analyze the evidence, and pursue all potentially liable parties for fair compensation. 

How to Find a Good Truck Accident Lawyer 

In the aftermath of a trucking accident, your search online for a truck lawyer to assist with your claim may be leaving you feeling completely overwhelmed by the numerous options available to you. How can you narrow down the search and find a good truck accident lawyer? What factors should you consider?

This is an important matter to think over. After all, the truck accident lawyer that you choose will have a direct impact on your claim for better or for worse. The following list notes some basic key factors to look for in searching for a good truck accident lawyer.

Smaller law firm or larger law firm

A positive note about choosing a smaller law firm is that you would be dealing directly with an experienced lawyer, who will most likely be working on your case. In contrast, a larger firm would feel more formal, and a paralegal may be assigned to handle your case, although larger firms do offer the benefit of a team of highly experienced lawyers.

Specialized experience

When searching for a good lawyer for your case, it is important to seek out one who has the knowledge, experience, and resources specifically for handling truck accident cases. An attorney who may be experienced with only car accidents won’t have the skills needed to build a strong truck accident case.

Further, a car accident lawyer would not be familiar with any strong counterarguments that may be used by the lawyers of the trucking company, the manufacturing company, and other defenders. The law firm should have years of experience with truck accident cases. 

Free consultation and costs

An initially good sign is when a truck accident law firm offers a free consultation. This indicates that they feel confident that they have what it takes, they have the resources to handle your case, and that you will be impressed with retaining them after just the initial visit. 

If a firm asks for money for the initial consultation, though, that may indicate a lack of commitment regarding your claim. 

Also, look for a firm that works on a contingency plan, meaning they only get paid if they win your case. This indicates that the lawyers will be especially tenacious in securing the maximum amount of compensation for you.

Success rate

A truck accident lawyer’s success rate could be an indicator of how your case could turn out, should you decide to retain him or her. When a law firm highlights many cases that have been won by its lawyers, including specific amounts settled, this shows the attorney’s diligence in working truck accident cases. Law firm websites that don’t highlight several successful cases, or clients discussing claims, might be best to avoid.

Client reviews

As mentioned, when a truck accident law firm showcases past client reviews, that is a good start for finding a good lawyer. However, you would need to search further since the firm’s site is not going to mention any negative experiences. 

Searching on sites like Yelp or Google will help you to find more well-rounded client reviews of the law firm. Additionally, relatives or friends that have had experience with a particular firm can give you an idea of the quality of assistance that they received from the firm for their cases.

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If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, you have the right to pursue compensation on your own behalf for any damages you have suffered. But choosing the right lawyer will definitely impact your case! 

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