18 Wheeler Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

The laws regarding 18 wheelers and this form of transportation in general are quite complex, and this is particularly true when an Arizona 18 wheeler accident occurs and those who have been injured attempt to hold those responsible for these injuries accountable. Therefore, anyone who finds themselves in this position should seek the immediate help of Arizona 18 wheeler accident lawyers who understand the state and federal regulations that govern these situations so that they can give themselves the best opportunity to obtain justifiable compensation.

Arizona 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys and Federal Trucking Regulations

Few industries are more heavily regulated than the trucking industry. The federal government has several types of laws and regulations in place that deal with different forms of this type of work and transportation. If someone has been harmed in an Arizona 18 wheeler accident, it takes a high degree of knowledge of these regulations in order to make sure that those responsible are held properly accountable. The violation of even one of these regulations could greatly impact the case of someone who has been harmed.

Below you’ll find a brief overview of some of the relevant trucking industry regulations set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or the FMCSA.

General Federal 18 Wheeler Trucking Rules

Part 390 of the regulations set out by the FMCSA lays out the general requirements for properly moving a vehicle that carries cargo. Generally, this regulation describes the type of documentation that must be in place regarding a particular 18 wheeler, specifically documentation regarding whether or not that vehicle was involved in an 18 wheeler accident.

Training and Commercial Driver’s License Requirements

Parts 383, 384 and 391 of the FMCSA rules describe the requirements that every 18 wheeler driver must go through in regards to training and in regards to obtaining a valid commercial driver’s license. These regulations also set out the requirement that 18 wheeler companies perform a thorough background check on all drivers to make sure that they have a valid license to drive and that he or she has completed the proper training. Failure to do so could lead to liability on the part of the trucking company if an unlicensed or improperly trained driver is involved in an Arizona 18 wheeler accident.

Proper Driving of Commercial 18 Wheelers

Parts 392, 393, 395 and 396 of the FMCSA regulations cover many topics and variables, mostly having to do with the overall fitness of the driver and his or her limits in terms of hours behind the wheel. Basically, these regulations lay out that every 18 wheeler must be properly maintained and inspected, and that no driver should drive for more than 14 consecutive hours, that he or she takes 10 hours of rest during every 24-hour period and that the number of hours behind the wheel cannot exceed 60 in one week or 70 hours within eight days. This is perhaps the most-violated regulation, which can lead to driver fatigue and Arizona 18 wheeler accidents as a result.

Driver Drug Use or Drinking & Driving and DUI Accidents

It should come as no surprise that the FMCSA lays out strict regulations regarding the use of intoxicants by 18 wheeler drivers. Not only are drivers required to be sober, but they must refrain from the use of intoxicants for at least four hours prior to any drive. In addition, trucking companies are required to test their drivers and all drivers involved in an 18 wheeler accident must submit to a drug test after the collision.

Hauling of Hazardous Materials by 18 Wheelers

Few vehicles are more dangerous than 18 wheelers carrying cargo that is flammable or otherwise toxic. That’s why the FMCSA has regulations dealing with everything from how the cargo is loaded, how it’s marked and even how the 18 wheeler carrying this material should be parked. Failing to meet any of these requirements could lead to a disaster.

Transportation of Migrant Workers

Migrant workers are a regular sight in Arizona, and the FMCSA has regulations in place that deal with how they should be properly and safely transported.

Health and Safety of 18 Wheeler Drivers

Part 399 of the FMCSA regulations deals with how trucking companies are expected to protect their 18 wheeler drivers from unsafe vehicles and dangerous driving conditions that place the drivers and anyone else in a position of unreasonable risk.

Arizona 18 Wheeler State Regulations

Currently, Arizona is operating under a regulations moratorium, and that extends to the trucking industry. This means that no new regulations are being added. However, Arizona has adopted Title 49 of the federal regulations for 18 wheeler transportation, which covers all that has been mentioned above and additional regulations.

Contact an Experienced Arizona 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

The information above should tell anyone who has been harmed in an Arizona 18 wheeler accident that pursuing justice in this regard can be extremely complicated and require intimate knowledge of a plethora of regulations. If this includes you or someone you love, seek the help of Arizona 18 wheeler accident attorneys who have been helping those who have suffered in this regard recover compensation for many years. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.