Arizona Big Rig Accident Attorney Representation

When an Arizona big rig accident occurs, it often leads to at least one serious injury. Unfortunately for those who are harmed, the accident scenes of these crashes can be little more than charred remains of automotive parts and cargo that is scattered all over the road and the shoulder. Therefore, there are several steps that should be taken so that the evidence regarding what occurred is properly preserved. Taking these steps can make all the difference between successfully enforcing your legal rights and avoiding a negative outcome of the situation.

Below you’ll find information regarding common causes of big rig accidents, proving fault in an Arizona big rig accident, evidence regarding an AZ big rig accident that could be relevant, how experts of different types could be of aid in your case, determining damages following a big rig accident in Arizona and finally information regarding how you should proceed if you or someone you love needs the help of an Phoenix big rig accident lawyer.

Common Causes of Arizona Big Rig Accidents

The common causes of Arizona big rig accidents are somewhat similar to the leading causes of private car accidents. Generally, driver inattention is commonly a cause of these crashes, as is speeding and driving in a reckless manner relative to the conditions at the time the crash occurred. However, there are common causes of these accidents that are specific to big rig drivers, and most have to do with driver fatigue after being behind the wheel for too many hours that day or that week. This is a violation of big rig driving regulations and could be extremely helpful to the case of a person who has been injured.

Proving Fault in an AZ Big Rig Accident

Proving fault in an Arizona big rig accident can be a difficult process for someone who does not possess an extensive legal background. For instance, fault could be assigned to the driver of the big rig, to the trucking company or even to the trucking manufacturer depending on what specific factors led to the crash that caused the injuries suffered. The help of an Arizona big rig accident attorney will speed this process and identify the parties who should be held accountable.

Evidence Regarding an Arizona Big Rig Accident

There are several types of evidence that could be relevant to an Arizona big rig accident, including evidence relating to the scene of the crash and to the documentation regarding the driver. An Arizona big rig accident attorney will be able to gather the necessary documentation regarding the driver’s logs and cargo details as well as the evidence at the scene that could include skid marks and road conditions that could all be of use in holding those responsible for the harm suffered accountable.

Experts in Big Rig Accident Reconstruction

Arizona big rig accidents, as mentioned above, can leave behind a wake of disaster that can make it extremely difficult to reconstruct what occurred that led to the injuries suffered. Therefore, help of two different types of experts could be necessary in order to support the position of the person who has been injured.

Structural engineers – Structural engineers are highly trained professionals who can look at materials – even those that have been charred – to determine if any components on the big rig malfunctioned or were not properly maintained such that the driver and the trucking company were putting others in positions of undue risk as a result of driving a dangerous and defective vehicle.

Forensic reconstruction experts – Forensic reconstruction experts spend their careers reviewing every shred of evidence that relates to big rig accidents so that they can rebuild the scenario that led to the crash and explain how it occurred. This scenario can include a description of the road conditions, weather conditions, traffic conditions and the maneuvers made by the big rig driver that led to the crash at issue.

Potential Damages from a Big Rig Accident in Arizona

Finally, a case must be built with a careful analysis of the types of damages that can be pursued if the injured person files a personal injury lawsuit in response to an Arizona big rig accident. Each of these types of damages is described below:

Compensatory damages – The purpose of compensatory damages is to make the plaintiff whole’ in the eyes of the law. Therefore, damages can be awarded for costs incurred including medical costs and lost income as well as for a loss of quality of life for the person who was wrongfully injured.

Punitive damages – Punitive damages exist for courts to send a message to not only the defendant at a trial, but to anyone else so that similar conduct is avoided in the future. Punitive damages can be awarded if anyone who was involved in the cause of the Arizona big rig accident acted either knowingly or recklessly such that this conduct led to the suffering of the plaintiff.

Contact a Phoenix, AZ Big Rig Accident Attorney

As can be seen, the aftermath of an Arizona big rig accident and the process of holding those responsible for this type of harm accountable can be extremely involved, particularly for someone who is fighting to recover from serious injuries. If you or someone you love has suffered in this manner, seek the help of Phoenix big rig accident lawyers who have been holding those responsible for these occurrences accountable for many years. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.