What Should I Do in the Days Following a Truck Accident in Phoenix, AZ?

What Should I Do in the Days Following a Truck Accident?

One of the worst things that can happen on the road is a truck accident. These massive vehicles can easily weigh more than 10 times as much as a passenger vehicle, often resulting in serious damage. After a truck accident, the hours and days following the crash can feel like a blur, and it is common to be unsure of what to do or what your next steps should be. 

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, you can turn to the knowledgeable and compassionate legal team at Phillips Law Group that can provide the legal advice and direction you need. Not only can a consultation with our lawyers help you better understand the options available to you, but you can also feel reassured. Our advice will help you be better prepared to face the days ahead – whether you decide to hire a personal injury attorney or not. 

For over 25 years, injured Americans have turned to the lawyers at Phillips Law Group for help. We are proud to have represented over 155,000 clients and recovered over $1 billion in compensation. We want to help you and your family, too. 

5 Essential Steps Following a Truck Accident

While each accident is unique, there are a number of steps that should be taken without delay after a collision. Let’s examine five essential steps you should take after a truck accident and how these can help you and your potential case. 

Seek medical attention

One of the first and most important steps after a car accident is to receive necessary medical care. This is important for a number of reasons. First, the sooner you seek medical attention, the sooner you can start any necessary treatment for your recovery. 

Second, medical attention immediately after an accident can strengthen a potential case you may have. For example, in the initial shock immediately after the collision, you may be unaware of the true extent of your injuries – perhaps even turning down an ambulance or other medical help, only to later realize that your injuries were more serious than you thought. 

This initial delay to receive medical treatment can be used by insurance companies to undermine your injuries. Insurers might even attempt to argue that your condition was not caused by the accident at all. 

Report the accident

Each state has its own rules about accident reporting. It is good to be familiar with the rules in your state (and the state you are traveling in) to ensure that any accident is reported according to local regulations. 

For example, in Arizona, local law enforcement is to be notified after any car accident. The responding officer is responsible to file a report within 24 hours if the accident resulted in any injury, death, or damages of over $2000. 

In California, all accidents causing an injury, death, or damages of over $1000 must be reported to the DMV within 10 days of the collision. Utah follows the same rules, but the threshold for damages is $2500. 

The initial police report after the accident can be a useful piece of evidence to help support your case and help establish liability afterwards – either during negotiations with the insurance company or in court if necessary. 

Remember that if your accident happened in a different state, both the reporting and the insurance processes will follow the rules of the state where the accident occurred. Consulting a local truck accident lawyer can help clarify the local laws that apply to your accident. 

Keep accurate records

One of the most essential steps in building a strong case includes keeping accurate records. Documentation that can be gathered and saved in the hours and days after a truck accident include:

  • Photos of your injuries
  • Photos of the property damage
  • Photos of debris and the accident scene
  • Contact information of witnesses
  • Witness statements at the scene
  • Dates of doctor’s appointments
  • Pay stubs and other pay documentation
  • Copies of your medical bills

Ensuring that all essential information is well documented and available will help strengthen your case, proving the extent of your injuries and financial losses caused by the accident. Knowing the financial and emotional impact of your accident will help you better understand what a fair settlement will include. 

You may be able to recover some of the necessary documentation on your own. However, if you decide to work with a truck accident lawyer, he or she will ensure that all essential records and evidence is gathered for your case, saving you from the additional stress and headache in the aftermath of your accident. 

Be wary of the insurance company

Insurance companies are often portrayed in commercials as a friend – there to offer help when you need it. However, the truth is that insurance companies, as with any other business, have the primary concern of increasing profits and reducing costs. 

From an insurance company’s perspective, continuing to collect premiums while not paying out settlements is an effective way to protect their bottom line. Unfortunately, what that means for you is that the insurance company’s interests are often at odds with the injured victim’s interests. 

All too often, after being pressured by the insurance company, accident victims accept a settlement hastily afterwards, only to realize later that the amount recovered cannot cover all losses, both short and long term. However, knowing your legal rights and what a fair settlement should include can help you avoid such an unfavorable outcome.

It is often best to speak with a lawyer before communicating with the insurance company. This is true whether you end up hiring an attorney or not. A free consultation can give you what you need in order to know how to communicate with the insurance company and let you know what common pitfalls must be avoided for a strong case.

Schedule a free consultation

The potential cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer after an accident causes many to hesitate before contacting a law office. Injured victims may be worried about the addition of expensive legal fees on top of mounting medical bills.

The good news is that Phillips Law Group not only offers free case evaluations but also works on a contingency basis. So if you do decide to hire us to represent you, there are no up-front fees for our work.

A free consultation with our legal team can help in a number of ways by:

  • Helping you understand the local laws applicable to your situation
  • Providing guidance and advice on the legal options available to you
  • Helping you determine whether your potential case requires professional legal help
  • Providing you with peace of mind and clarity on your next steps

Call the Team at Phillips Law Group to Get Money for Your Truck Accident

A truck accident is often a traumatic and stressful experience. During this painful and difficult time, you can turn to the team at Phillips Law Group to help you navigate the complex legal process. 

While you focus on your physical and emotional recovery as well as the needs of your family, your truck accident lawyer will be working diligently to help you get the maximum compensation available for your accident. 

Depending on the circumstances of your case, your compensation may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death

Learn more about the potential compensation available in your case, as well as your legal options.