Dump Truck Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

Dump trucks may move and appear like dinosaurs of the roadways; however these commercial vehicles can cause severe damage in an accident. These accidents are often counted among the worst types of truck collisions. The Arizona Department of Transportations (AZDOT) Crash Facts for 2011 reveal that nearly 150 dump truck accidents occurred on our roads, nearly 40 of which caused injury, and 2 ending in fatality.

Dump trucks are a common sight on Arizona roads, and are instrumental in a variety of construction projects. As the AZ population continues to grow and our communities continue to expand, its unlikely that construction vehicles will become a thing of the past. Arizona drivers should be aware of the dangers of colliding with a dump truck and learn to be courteous to these vehicles and their drivers.

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Types of Dump Trucks

Believe it or not, there are a number of different body styles when it comes to dump trucks, designed to accommodate the different needs of commercial businesses and government agencies.

Some of the most commonly found dump trucks include:

  • Standard
  • Transfer
  • Truck & pup
  • Superdump
  • Semi-trailer end
  • Semi-trailer bottom / belly
  • Double / triple trailer bottom
  • Side
  • Articulated Hauler
  • Winter service
  • Off-highway (hauler / articulated hauler)

Each of these types of dump truck offers different benefits for construction projects. Considering the number of moving parts in a vehicle that functions in such a way, injuries are very possible, despite the number of safety features that are integrated into modern dumpers.

Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

Dump trucks are usually used to move loose material, and are an essential tool to the American construction industry. These trucks are able to carry tons of heavy concrete, scrap materials or dirt and soil.

Unfortunately, a crash with a dump truck is usually an ugly sight, and often leads to severe, permanent or even fatal injuries especially to occupants of passenger vehicles that collide with a dump truck. In an underride accident, a passenger vehicle will slide beneath the cab of a dump truck, leaving the trucks driver unscathed, positioned high above the road. The injuries caused in such an accident are usually horrific.

Considering the slow speeds associated with dump trucks, speeding is not one of the top causes of dump truck accidents; the most common causes are somewhat unique to commercial vehicle collisions:

  • Tipping

A dump trucks design not only lends itself to top-heaviness, the way a truck is loaded and how materials are carried can lead to a tipping accident. This is more common when load shifts occur, or a truck executes a turn too quickly.

  • Backing Up

As with most types of commercial vehicles, a dump truck driver has limited visibility. This makes it difficult for the driver to see oncoming cars or even those parked behind the truck, and easy for a driver to accidentally back up into a vehicle.

The sheer size and weight of a dump truck can be deadly factors in a crash. Depending on the type of dump truck and how much material it is carrying, these vehicles can weigh up to 360,000 pounds. If you find yourself driving near one of these massive trucks, give the driver a respectful amount of space to reduce your risk of ending up in a devastating wreck.

Dump Truck Injuries

The number of potential injuries in dump truck collisions is overwhelming. Because of the nature of such wrecks and the size and weight of the vehicles, injuries are often catastrophic or fatal.

Some injuries that can occur in a dump truck crash include:

These are only some examples of dump truck injuries, and some of the most severe. The types of injuries that may occur in a truck collision are countless.

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