Work Zone Truck Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

Statistics provided by the United States Department of Transportation demonstrate that there were 87,606 road construction accidents throughout 2010, which resulted in 1.6 percent of the total number of accidents in 2010.

As construction zones are filled with many obstacles truck drivers are required to maneuver around, they must adjust their driving habits accordingly. However, in most construction zone truck accidents, either caused by the trucker or another vehicle, there are a number of factors which will be included, not to mention, these accidents tend to be more severe due to their complexities.

At Phillips Law Group, our truck accident attorneys believe that when a negligent driver brings harm to an innocent individual, that negligent driver must be held accountable for their actions and pay for all injuries, damages, and expenses they have caused.

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Causes of Construction Zone Truck Accidents

Due to the state of Phoenix offering nice weather throughout the year, construction workers are able to operate year around. Although this is great for our roads, it also increases the dangers of auto and truck accidents occurring. In any case, road construction accidents can occur due to a number of different situations.

Some causes of road construction accidents include:

As all drivers in these areas are subject to driving hazards, the construction workers are also put at risk due to drivers failing to obey traffic laws, thus causing accidents and injuries.

Types of Road Construction Truck Accidents

Trucks weighting over 10,000 pounds account for many accidents, injuries, and deaths across our nations roadways. Thus, drivers must be made aware of their decreased mobility and pay attention for trucks at all times. Furthermore, as a result of these trucks coming in many awkward shapes and sizes, they are more susceptible to accidents in work zones than any other type of vehicle.

Recognizing the severity of these accidents will help drivers across our roadways make safer decisions around large trucks. Of course, this will still not prevent all accidents from occurring, and also may result in more severe injuries.

Types of Injuries Caused By Road Construction Accidents

A fully loaded truck possesses the ability to weight up to 80,000 pounds across our Phoenix roadways, thus when an accident occurs with a passenger automobile weighting a mere 3,000 pounds, it will typically result in more severe injuries.

Some types of road construction truck accident injuries include:

If you or a family member has become injured in a truck accident, or any type of accident, it is important to obtain immediate medical attention for these injuries in order to assure injuries are cared for and to prevent further injuries from occurring. Also, medical documents obtained will aid our Phoenix attorneys in developing a robust case for your injuries.

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