Paralysis Injuries After Car Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

The majority of Arizona auto accidents lead to at least one injury, and of all the injuries that could be suffered as a result of a car crash, few if any are as severe as paralysis. For many people, paralysis is a permanent condition that cannot be reversed, and those who suffer from it face a lifetime of pain and suffering that should be aided with the help of an experienced Phoenix auto accident lawyer.

Below youll find information regarding how paralysis occurs, the types of paralysis from an AZ car accident, examples of ongoing medical needs and costs incurred by someone who has been paralyzed in an Arizona auto accident and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love has suffered this sort of an injury and need help.

How Paralysis Occurs as a Result of Arizona Auto Accidents

Paralysis is basically the loss of the ability to move and control muscles in the body. The reason it occurs is usually because of an injury that has damaged the spinal cord and blocks the nerves that send signals to different parts of the body. These signals are necessary for movement, motor skills, balance and other innate skills that people who have never suffered from paralysis take for granted.

In terms of the type of paralysis that someone suffers from, much depends on where the spinal cord injury occurs, as different parts of the spinal cord are connected to and help to control different parts of the body. If this intricate system of nerves and links is damaged, it can not only lead to paralysis but also to a total inability for medical professionals to correct the problem because nerve endings generally cannot be repaired.

Types of Paralysis Suffered from Arizona Auto Accidents

As stated above, injuries to different parts of the spinal cord can lead to different types of paralysis. Below are the different types of paralysis that can result from an Arizona auto accident.


Paraplegia refers to the type of paralysis in which the patient is unable to move legs or lower limbs. Paraplegia is usually the result of an injury sustained to the spinal cord above first thoracic vertebra.


Quadriplegia is the type of paralysis that occurs when the patient loses the ability to control all four limbs. Quadriplegia is the result of an injury to the spinal cord that occurs below the first thoracic vertebra.

Partial Paralysis

Partial paralysis describes the situation where a patient is unable to move different parts of his or her body, such as the loss of the ability to control one side of the body or some portion of it. Unlike paraplegia or quadriplegia, partial paralysis can occur as a result of an injury to either the spinal cord or the brain.

Temporary Paralysis

Not all paralysis injuries are permanent. The spinal cord can be injured in varying degrees of severity, and some paralysis injuries are relatively minor enough that the patient will ultimately be able to overcome this condition.

Permanent Paralysis

Clearly, permanent paralysis results from an injury to the spinal cord thats relatively severe, and the patient who suffers from it will never be able to regain the use of his or her limbs that have been affected by this injury.

Medical Needs and Costs Incurred by a Paralysis Patient

As one would expect, the needs and medical expenses incurred by someone who suffers from any form of paralysis as a result of an Arizona auto accident can be insurmountable for anyone. Below are just a few examples of what someone who suffers from this injury may have to deal with on a day-to-day basis in the aftermath of this type of injury.

Medical Care

Anyone who suffers a serious spinal injury will need extended medical care, as the risks involved with this injury can take some time to appear. A person who has been paralyzed runs the risk of developing infections and other maladies that can be difficult to overcome.

Ongoing Rehabilitation

Someone who suffers from paralysis will also need extensive and intense physical rehabilitation either to learn to walk again or to learn to move around as much as possible based on their permanent condition.


Someone who suffers from paralysis will need to have a special vehicle built and driven by someone so he or she can move around as well as several adjustments made in his or her home and perhaps workplace including ramps, special bars and other items that will minimize the risk of suffering from additional injuries.

How a Phoenix Lawyer Can Help

If you or someone you love suffers from paralysis as a result of an Arizona auto accident, you need to take action to protect your rights and to protect yourself from the enormous costs that await you. Contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer at Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.