Broken Glass Injuries After Phoenix, AZ Car Accidents

After a Phoenix auto accident, there are many dangers present that pose a risk to those involved. One of the most commonly overlooked risks is broken glass. Broken glass often results in painful injury. Not only does broken glass pose a threat to passengers involved in a crash, but flying pieces of glass can also be dangerous to any innocent bystanders outside of the vehicle. In a worst case scenario, broken glass that becomes a projectile can fly through the air at high speeds and fatally injure a bystander in an instant.

If you or a loved one has sustained a broken glass injury due to the actions or negligence of another driver, you may be able to file a claim to recover compensation for any damages related to the wreck.

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Common Injuries from Broken Glass

Even if two vehicles collide at low speeds, the force that is generated by this collision can be massive. Newer vehicles designs include windshields that were specifically manufactured to avoid shattering. Unfortunately, however, this does not completely prevent glass from shattering in a high-velocity impact crash. Also, most rear and side windows are not built out of the same strong material as a windshield and may not be able to withstand the force of impact. Broken shards of glass from smashed rear and side windows can be sent flying in every direction after a crash.

Any passenger inside a vehicle at the time of the accident is totally vulnerable and defenseless to broken glass injuries. These injuries can be severe and cause extreme pain in the affected individual.

Some of the most common types of broken glass injuries include:

  • Surface-Level Cuts: This could be considered the least severe broken glass injury suffered by Phoenix auto accident victims. Surface-level cuts simply tear the skin and do not penetrate into the bodys tissue. These often require minimal treatment, including cleaning and possible stitches, in serious instances, to stop the bleeding.
  • Deep-Level Lacerations: This type of injury happens when sharp pieces of glass penetrate deep inside the skin. A deep-level laceration is a cut that penetrates through the skin, the underlying skin tissue and muscle fibers, all the way through to the bone. Sometimes, a deep-level laceration could result in permanent disfigurement.
  • Shock: After being involved in a serious accident, it is understandable that a victim may undergo some psychological trauma. Once a victim sees that they are bleeding profusely from a broken glass injury, managing this trauma can become difficult. An extreme emotional reaction to this type of injury can develop into shock. If shock is not treated immediately and aggressively, it can become fatal.
  • Severed Limbs: A severed limb can result if a shard of broken glass is large enough or sharp enough to penetrate the body all the way through. If one shard of glass penetrates the body at a particularly vulnerable location, it could severe an artery, requiring that the affected limb be amputated.
  • Fatality: If broken glass hits the arteries in the neck or any other part of the body that is particularly vulnerable, an accident victim can bleed to death in a matter of minutes if medical help does not arrive right away.

Broken glass injuries range in severity and many require immediate medical attention. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury from broken glass in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another driver, we believe that you deserve both compassion and compensation for your losses.

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It only takes a second for an auto accident to occur, but the aftermath of a collision, especially one that results in serious injuries, can last a lifetime. Accident victims should be focused on recovering from their injuries. Instead, many are forced to worry about how they will be able to afford the growing pile of expenses they accumulate after a wreck.

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When Arizona auto accidents occur, there are many levels of danger that arise. The most obvious is the force of the collision that can twist and mangle large pieces of hot metal in such a way that anyone nearby is instantly put in a situation of extreme risk. However, one of the most overlooked and yet most dangerous common results of any auto accident is the flying broken glass from windows. Broken glass flying through the air at high speeds can injure and kill in an instant.

Below youll find information regarding how glass injuries from car accidents in Arizona occur, the types of injuries that can result from these crashes, the medical steps that may be necessary to help someone who has suffered from broken glass injuries and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love has suffered from broken auto glass injuries and you need the help of an experienced Phoenix auto accident lawyer.

How Arizona Auto Accidents Result in Broken Glass Injuries

When two vehicles collide at even relatively low speeds, the force thats generated by this collision can be massive. While some windshields on more modern vehicles tend to be specially built to avoid shattering, these manufacturing practices do not completely prevent the introduction of high-velocity broken glass into an auto accident. In addition, most side and rear windows are not built to withstand a high-force impact, which means that broken shards of glass can be sent flying in every direction and at dangerously high speeds.

When people are sitting inside of a vehicles passenger compartment during an auto accident, they are completely helpless and utterly defenseless to the flying broken glass that can shred, tear, pierce and puncture just about any substance, including human tissue, which is no match for these flying projectiles. As a result, broken glass injuries from car accidents are extremely common and can cause extremely severe injuries.

Common Broken Glass Injuries Caused by Arizona Car Accidents

The different types of injuries that can be caused by flying shards of broken glass in Arizona auto accidents are nearly limitless in number, but some seem to be more common than others. Below are a few examples of common broken glass injuries suffered in car accidents.

Surface-Level Cuts

Clearly, when flying glass collides with skin tissue, it will cause damage. Perhaps the least severe broken glass injuries suffered in AZ car accidents are those that merely tear or cut the skin and do not penetrate deeper into the tissue. These injuries usually require cleaning and perhaps stitches to stop the bleeding.

Deep-Level Cuts

When broken glass is flying through the air with a high degree of velocity, many sharp pieces will penetrate deep inside the skin. These injuries can include cuts and wounds that penetrate through the skin, the underlying skin tissue, muscle fibers almost anywhere on the body and can cut all the way through to the bone. These injuries are extremely dangerous for many reasons, not the least of which is the possibility of permanent disfigurement.


When people are involved in almost any car accident, they suffer through psychological trauma thats difficult to manage at the time. Managing this trauma only becomes more difficult when a person realizes that he or she is bleeding profusely, as the emotional reaction to this realization can lead to the development of shock. Shock can be deadly if not handled immediately and aggressively.

Severed Limbs

Certain shards of broken glass are large enough and/or sharp enough to penetrate the body almost all the way through. If even one shard of glass penetrates the body in a particularly vulnerable location, it could lead to a severed artery and the necessity of a limb amputation in the extremity thats been harmed.

Bleeding to Death

Of course, certain areas of the body are more vulnerable than others. If a shard of glass hits the arteries in the neck or anywhere else and help does not arrive quickly, a person can bleed to death in a matter of minutes.

Medical Steps Necessary to Deal with Broken Glass Injuries

Medical treatments that are necessary to help patients with broken glass injuries can be as varied as the different types of injuries that can be suffered. Simple cleaning of a wound is the easiest and least dangerous, while amputation of a limb or emergency surgery to replace a high amount of lost blood are the most severe and critical.

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