Ambulance Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

Ambulance crashes are becoming an issue of growing concern for the general public. In a time of crisis, we depend desperately on emergency services, and the timeliness of their response can be the difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, in an ambulances haste to arrive on scene, accidents can happen. Like many other large vehicle crashes, an ambulance colliding with another vehicle can not only stall their response to the emergency but it can cause serious personal injury, destruction and death for all those involved.

A 2001 study conducted by the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin analyzed 11 years of fatal ambulance crash statistics across the United States. Their findings were startling as they discovered that most ambulance accidents and accident-related fatalities occur when the vehicle is en route to the scene of an emergency.

Out of 339 ambulance crashes, the report cites there were 405 deaths and 838 injuries caused by another vehicles collision with the ambulance. In most cases, those most seriously injured by the accidents are the occupants of the other vehicle, not the ambulance. The size and strength of the ambulance offers greater protection to its occupants, rendering the other vehicle somewhat helpless against it in a crash.

Drivers of ambulances and other emergency vehicles have an added responsibility to their fellow motorists because of this size differential, and if the ambulance driver operated their vehicle carelessly, without following all standard safety precautions, or were negligent in any manner, the victims of ambulance accidents may be eligible for compensation because of the needless pain and anguish they suffered as a result of the crash.

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Injuries Associated With Ambulance Accidents

Because ambulances must arrive as quickly as possible onto the scene of an accident, the drivers often pass through stopped intersections, disobeying traffic signals and signs and without much forewarning.

Flashing lights and sirens are typically utilized when ambulances have to blow through red lights, but if a car approaching from another direction does not have that warning, they may collide with the vehicle through no fault of their own.

Injuries sustained in large vehicle crashes can be especially traumatizing. The following are some of the most common injuries associated with ambulance accidents:

Further analysis of the University of Wisconsin data shows that the worst injuries were sustained by those passengers in the ambulance that were in the rear compartment, and in most cases those individuals are already victims of the primary emergency. Involvement in an ambulance accident following another traumatic emergency event can have serious impact on a persons physical and mental wellbeing.

Pedestrians and bicyclists, too, are extremely susceptible to ambulance accident trauma, as they have even less protection that a motor vehicle can provide its occupants. Regardless of the level of involvement, if you or your loved one was involved in an ambulance accident, there is no reason the negligent parties should not be held responsible.

The medical costs associated with a crash can skyrocket, and that will affect not only the victim but their families as well, and time out of work recovering from the crash means thousands of dollars lost from the victims inability to work.

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Phoenix AZ Ambulance Accident Attorneys

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