Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

The rise of Amazon’s delivery service has made online shopping with low-cost or free shipping extremely accessible to millions of Americans. The accessibility itself isn’t a bad thing, but the increased number of vehicles on the road – some of which are driven by Amazon employees, while independent contractors operate others – can lead to more accidents. If you’ve been involved in an Amazon delivery truck accident, you may need the assistance of an Amazon delivery truck accident lawyer to help you navigate a complex legal process.

The particulars of your Amazon delivery truck accident matter when it comes to getting legal and financial assistance after an Amazon truck crash. At the bare minimum, taking legal action against an independent contractor driver as an individual could involve different steps than taking action against Amazon as a company. These are the sort of details an Amazon truck accident lawyer can help you sort out so you can win the maximum compensation for your delivery truck accident case.

Drivers who partner with Amazon Flex as independent contractors still need to have the required insurance for delivering packages in their area, according to the company’s FAQs on the service. Amazon also provides delivery partners in many states with an Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance Policy at no cost which includes auto liability coverage, uninsured motorist/under-insured motorist coverage, and contingent comprehensive and collision coverage.

Any time insurance companies are involved, things can get complicated. But having an Amazon delivery truck accident lawyer on your side who knows how to deal with insurance companies and accident claims, like the team at Phillips Law Group, could be extremely beneficial to you as an accident victim. With an accident attorney’s assistance, you may be able to recover financial compensation to cover the costs of your medical bills resulting from an Amazon truck accident.

If you’ve been hurt in an Amazon delivery truck crash, the Phillips Law Group team may be able to help you. We can offer a free, no-obligation review of your case to determine your legal options moving forward. We can gather evidence and build your case for you, so you can focus on the important work of recovering from your Amazon truck accident.

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