Teen Driving Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

Having a teen driver can be a terrifying experience. Even though they probably know the laws better than most other drivers on the road due to their recent required studying, they have no experience driving defensively or anticipating reckless driving. Because of this, teens are significantly more likely to be in accidents than older drivers.

You may be entitled to compensation if you have been in one of the many teen driving accidents in Phoenix, AZ. That is true whether you are another driver or the teen — or their parent — seeking compensation. Our trusted auto accident attorneys could provide you with information about potential remedies and what steps to take. Call the Phillips Law Group today to begin working with a trusted advocate who has served the local area for over three decades.

Comparative Fault

Comparative fault means that more than one person can be responsible for an accident. The victim can still recover. However, the damage award is proportional to the percentage of fault. This is an essential concept in teen driving accidents. In many instances, the teen’s inexperience contributes to the accident. However, the other driver may be at fault, as well. So, understanding comparative fault is critical for Phoenix, AZ teen driving accident claims.

Equally critical is getting legal assistance as soon as possible. Their first accident is often teens’ first interaction with law enforcement and their first actual adult conflict. It is extremely easy for a teen to accept blame and responsibility for an accident, even if they were not at fault. That is even more likely if the other party is aggressive towards them.

This is not necessarily because the teens are responsible. Instead, it will likely result from social conditioning, where teens are expected to be respectful and agree with adults. If the other driver blames them, teens may hesitate to speak up and defend themselves.

Driver Training for Teens

One of the best ways to help a teen avoid an accident is to go above and beyond basic driver training. The state does not require teen drivers to take a driver’s education test and only requires 30 hours of supervised behind-the-wheel time. Parents or guardians should at least triple that time when teaching a teen to drive. In addition, parents should model appropriate driving behavior. This means not using devices while driving or instructing the teen how to drive.

Additionally, parents must be honest about whether their teen is ready to drive. The driving age works for many teenagers, but individual maturity, responsibility, and skill are much better predictors of a driver’s safety. Parents should let the individual child’s abilities and capacities guide their driver readiness, not an arbitrary driving age from the state. Doing so would probably reduce the number of teen driving accidents around Phoenix.

Preparing Teens for Accidents

Since teens are at a high risk of getting into accidents, parents should prepare them for how to deal with one should the situation arise. Their health should be a priority. Stress that they should get medical help, including being checked by first responders, following an accident. They should also call 911 and get help for anyone injured at the scene.

If they do not need immediate medical care, they should contact their parent before speaking with anyone about the accident. Ideally, the parent will be able to arrange legal representation quickly.

Injured By a Teen in a Wreck

While parents must protect their teens from wrongful accusations of negligence, the reality remains that teen drivers can seriously injure people on the road. Their inexperience and lack of mature judgment can lead to risk-taking behavior that can cause catastrophic accidents.

Even though all drivers start as beginners, it is not wrong or vengeful to want financial compensation after being injured by an Arizona teen driver. Keep in mind that insurance exists to cover financial damages from the accident. If the teens are incredibly reckless, their parents may share some financial responsibility.

Learn About Teen Driving Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

Car accidents can be frightening regardless of the driver’s age. For teen drivers, these situations can be especially overwhelming and lead to poor decision-making in the aftermath of the accident, impacting everyone involved. Consulting an attorney to learn more about teen driving accidents in Phoenix, AZ, can make the process less stressful whether you were hit by a teen driver or are the parent of a teen who was involved in a wreck. Call today for a consultation with our trusted team.