Blind Spot Car Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

While there are several different types of motor vehicle accidents, blind spot accidents in particular are often quite unexpected simply because they are caused by poor driver visibility, where the driver is unable to see another vehicle due to their line of sight being blocked by a component in the vehicle

Most often a blind spot is over the right or left shoulder of the driver. It is commonly an area that is blocked by a side-mirror, pillar connecting the side windshield, or items in the car. Blind spots may also be caused by the height of the driver, both taller and shorter drivers may have trouble seeing certain areas around the car while situated in the drivers seat.

In Arizona more than 12,000 accidents were left-turn or rear-to-side collisions which may have been a result of not checking a blind spot properly. Unsafe lane change was actually the cause of more than 5,000 crashes in 2011.

If you or anyone you know has been injured in a blind spot accident caused by a careless driver, the victim may be entitled to compensation for property damage, medical bills and expenses, lost wages, and more. Our car accident lawyers can assist you if youre seeking legal counsel about a car collision.

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Types of Blind Spot Accidents

Due to reduced visibility, blind spot accidents commonly occur on roundabouts, intersections, and multi-lane roads. Drivers also fail to check their blind spot when switching lanes or merging which ultimately leads to a car crash. Some collisions that may occur due to blind spots include:

  • Front-to-rear collisions
  • Side-to-side collisions
  • Rollover Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Cyclist and Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers should also keep in mind their blind spots if theyre carrying any type of cargo that could reduce their visibility.

How to Prevent Blind Spot Accidents

Auto makers have begun adding more technological advancements to their models in order to prevent accidents. Some of these advancements include rear and side-view cameras, and motion detectors to warn drivers that theyre moving out of their lane without using a turn signal.

If your car is not equipped with these systems there are still many ways to prevent blind spot accidents, such as:

Using a Convex Mirror A cars side-view mirrors may be substituted with convex mirrors for increased visibility.

Blind Spot Mirrors Similar to using a convex mirror, these small round mirrors can be purchased at auto shops and are fastened to side-view mirrors to reduce blind spots.

Slowing Down If a driver is merging onto a road or changing lanes, slowing down can help the driver spot oncoming vehicles. A driver may also speed up however their chances of being involved in a rear-end collision are increased by doing so.

Adjusting Side-View Mirrors Many drivers can reduce their blind spot by simply adjusting their side mirrors. Some drivers prefer to see the side of their vehicles which can make it difficult to see what sits in their blind spot. Drivers should adjust their mirrors and then test to see that they are comfortable with their positioning, drivers should never adjust their mirrors while driving.

Physically Looking Over Another method often used to check a blind spot is to physically look over the right or left obscured area. This should only take a few seconds as it could cause a rear-end collision, if necessary drivers may use other methods if they are uncomfortable with peering over.

Drivers should be aware of their surroundings at all times, by doing so they help decrease the risk of another driver, or pedestrian, sneaking up behind them.

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