Rear-End Car Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

A rear-end collision can leave someone with thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost income, and vehicle repairs. If this has happened to you, you are likely concerned about how to cover the cost of these unexpected expenses. 

Car accident victims may be able to file a claim and recover money through the insurance company. In situations where the insurance company does not cover your losses, it may be necessary to sue the at-fault party. 

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Who is Usually At Fault for Rear-End Collisions?

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents that drivers get involved in. Typically, when two drivers are in a rear-end collision, the driver behind is the one responsible for the accident. 

However, there are some exceptions where the front driver or another driver is to blame for the collision. For example, if the lead car’s brake lights were not working or the driver was under the influence of alcohol, he or she could be to blame for the accident. In Arizona, the driver who caused the accident is liable for damages. 

Common Causes of Rear-End Collisions

All drivers have a duty of care to drive responsibly. This includes maintaining a safe following distance to allow for sudden braking. Unfortunately, many drivers do not take seriously the obligation to drive responsibly. For this reason, driver error is the most common cause of rear-end collisions. 

Common driver errors that result in rear-end accidents include:

  • Distracted drivingMany collisions are caused by drivers failing to pay attention to the road and vehicles that are in front. Common driver distractions include texting, talking on the phone, programming the GPS, and adjusting the radio.
  • TailgatingA reckless driver may tailgate a vehicle out of road rage or if he or she is running late and in a hurry. Safe drivers maintain a space cushion between his or her vehicle and the vehicle in front to allow time to brake quickly if needed.
  • SpeedingDriving over the posted speed limit or too fast for road conditions is another common cause of rear-end accidents. Speeding is dangerous because it increases the force of the impact when the collision occurs.
  • Fatigued driverA driver who is drowsy or overly fatigued can be just as impaired as someone under the influence of alcohol. A tired driver may not have the reflexes to brake quickly if the driver in front stops suddenly or could even fall asleep at the wheel and crash into the vehicle in front. 
  • Driving under the influenceAccording to a recent annual report, almost 40 percent of all alcohol-related crashes in Arizona are rear-end collisions. Alcohol affects a person’s judgment, depth perception, and vision. This can result in tailgating, speeding, and other poor driving decisions.

Options for Compensation Following a Rear-End Collision

After being involved in a rear-end collision, your first option for recovering compensation should be with the insurance company. If you are unable to recover fair or sufficient compensation through the insurance company, you may choose to sue the driver or another at-fault party. 

Filing a claim with the insurance company

Which insurance company you file a claim with will depend on who is to blame for the accident and whether you live in a fault or no-fault state. In a “no-fault” state, each driver will file a claim with his or her own insurer regardless of fault. 

Arizona is an “at-fault” state. This means that whoever is responsible for the accident is also financially liable for it. 

All vehicle owners in Arizona are required to carry the following insurance requirements:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: Minimum $25,000 person / $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage: Minimum $15,000
  • Uninsured/underinsured bodily injury coverage: Minimum $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident

In order to recover compensation from the other party’s insurer, it must be established who was at fault for the rear-end collision. A car accident attorney can help you gather the evidence needed to prove the other driver was responsible for the auto accident. 

Unfortunately, filing a claim for compensation with the insurance company is not always as easy and straightforward as it should be. The insurer may offer you a low settlement or even deny your claim outright. You may then choose to file a lawsuit to recover damages. 

Suing the negligent driver or a third party

Though the majority of car accident claims are settled through negotiations with the insurance company, there are some situations where you may choose to sue for damages. For instance, if your injuries are severe and your medical bills exceed the insurance coverage, you may need to sue to get your medical expenses fully covered. 

Another reason why you may choose to file a lawsuit is if a third party is fully or partially to blame for your rear-end accident injuries. 

You may be able to sue one or more of the following third parties after a rear-end collision:

  • Employers: If you were rear-ended by a delivery driver or someone else who was working at the time of the accident, the driver’s employer may be liable for your losses. 
  • Bars or restaurants: Dram shop laws make it illegal for bars and restaurants to continue serving a patron who is visibly intoxicated. If an intoxicated driver caused your rear-end collision, the bar or restaurant could be liable.
  • Government entities: The entities that are responsible for designing and making roads, traffic signals, crosswalks, and more could be held accountable if they created unsafe driving conditions. 
  • Parts manufacturers: A parts or vehicle manufacturer could be sued if a design or manufacturing defect caused your car accident. 

A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Sue for Your Rear-End Collision

A car accident lawyer can help you determine what your best option is for getting compensation following a rear-end accident. If you are going to sue for damages, your lawyer will need to begin gathering evidence to support your claim. 

Evidence used to build your case may include:

  • Police reports
  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Video surveillance footage
  • Medical records
  • Receipts for vehicle repair costs
  • Cell phone records
  • Pay stubs proving lost wages

Once the evidence has been compiled to support your case, a complaint will be filed and the suing process will begin. The official complaint will state what happened, how you were injured, and what you are requesting as compensation. 

Even after you have filed a complaint, your case can still be settled out of court if you can reach a fair agreement with the defendant. Filing a lawsuit shows the negligent party that you are serious about seeking money for damages. 

Our Rear-End Accident Attorneys Are Here to Help

If you were injured in a rear-end collision accident and are unsure of how to recover compensation for damages, do not hesitate to speak to a car accident lawyer today. Many factors can contribute to a motor vehicle accident, including the actions or inactions of a not-yet-identified third party. An attorney knows every stone to unturn, though, to explore all your options for compensation. 

If it is determined that you need to sue for damages, Phillips Law Group is here to help. We have almost 30 years of experience litigating car accidents and other personal injury cases and have helped our clients recover over $1 billion in damages. 

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Arizona car accidents occur daily, and by far the most common type is the rear-end collision. The injuries sustained in these collisions are often serious and debilitating, resulting in the need for prolonged medical care and possibly death, in severe circumstances. If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a rear-end crash due to another’s negligence, you may be eligible to pursue compensation for your injuries and damages.

At Phillips Law Group, we have nearly three decades of experience helping injury victims and their families recover millions of dollars in compensation. This includes a recovery of $1,855,000 for the family of a victim who was fatally injured in a rear-end crash with a semi-truck and a recovery of $955,000 on behalf of a victim who sustained a concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a rear-end collision.

We encourage you to consult with our lawyers to discuss your situation in a complimentary consultation. There is no risking in reaching out to get answers to your legal questions and you are under no obligation to have us represent you. We operate on contingency, which means you pay us nothing unless we help you win.

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How Do I Know I Have a Case?

There are several factors involved when it comes to rear-end accident cases. Figuring out whether you have a valid case will depend on your circumstances. This could include looking at the extent of your injuries, how long you will require medical care, property damage you sustained, and other relevant losses.

Recovering compensation means establishing negligence. The other driver must have been negligent in his or her actions or inactions and this resulted in you being injured. Four elements of negligence need to be proven:

  • Duty of care was owed ”“ The other driver had a legal duty to act in a reasonable manner to prevent you and others on the road from suffering harm. A driver’s duty of care is to follow all traffic laws.
  • Duty of care was breached ”“ The other driver failed to maintain his or her duty of care and caused injury by not acting or reacting as another reasonable driver would have in a similar situation.
  • Link between breach and your injury ”“ The other driver’s breach must be directly linked to your injury. You would not have otherwise been harmed without his or her carelessness.
  • Damages suffered ”“ Examples may include reasonable medical expenses and property damage.

An experienced Phoenix car accident lawyer from our firm is here to help. We know what information and documentation to gather, such as medical records and police/accident reports, to help build a strong case.

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Compensation for Rear-End Collisions

When a driver slams into the rear of another vehicle and the person in the front vehicle is injured, there are several forms of compensation that could be pursued. A few examples of these forms of compensation are:

  • Medical costs”“ Medical costs pile up quickly after a rear-end collision in Arizona, especially when one considers that the most common injuries that result from these types of crashes include whiplash and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Property damage ”“ If your vehicle is damaged, you may be able to cover costs associated with repairing your vehicle, renting a vehicle, or for the full cost of your vehicle if totaled.
  • Lost income”“ If someone is seriously injured, it is possible for that person to be unable to work for a length of time. When this is the case, the situation becomes ever more stressful as medical bills begin to come due.
  • Pain and suffering”“ Pain and suffering are intangible damages to your quality of life as a result of the rear-end collision that led to their injuries.

If the driver who was not at fault is killed in an Arizona rear-end collision, it could change the legal aftermath such that awrongful death claimcould be filed. Successful wrongful death claims could potentially lead to awards of damages that compensate the deceased person’s surviving family members for:

  • Medical costs
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Lost income of the person killed
  • Loss of companionship

Anyone who has been injured in this type of a collision should seek the immediate help of a Phoenix rear end accident lawyer as there are several different types of compensation that could be pursued depending on the circumstances of the crash and there are several different parties that could become involved.

Arizona Law on Following Too Closely

Under Arizona law, a driver of a motor vehicle cannot follow another vehicle closer than is reasonable and prudent, while taking into regard the other vehicle’s speed and the traffic and condition of the highway.

This means that it is your obligation as a driver to follow other vehicles on the road at a safe distance. You must maintain control over your vehicle to prevent hitting the vehicle in front of you, causing a rear-end collision. If this does happen, you could be found responsible for the collision and any resulting damages.

Determining Liability in Rear-End Accidents

Drivers are supposed to provide an adequate amount of following distance between their vehicles and those that they are following on any road. The general rule is to leave at least two seconds of following distance on city streets and four seconds of following distance on highways should be provided.

In Arizona, the driver of the rear vehicle is almost always assumed to be at fault in a rear-end collision due to failure to keep a reasonably safe distance from the vehicle ahead. In most cases, the driver of the striking vehicle could be liable for damages if a driver gets hit while stopped at a red light, in a line of traffic or at a stop sign. The lead driver did nothing wrong to cause the crash. He or she was following the rules of the road.

When your vehicle is hit from behind, there is not much the striking driver can argue about, especially if his or her vehicle has front-end damage and yours has rear-end damage. The rear driver could also be held liable if bad weather contributed to the crash. For example, if there was a thick layer of smoke or fog in the area that limited visibility, the driver may have needed to slow down to help prevent crashing into another vehicle.

How the Lead Driver Could Be at Fault

If one vehicle crashes into the back of another, the driver of that vehicle is most likely going to be found at fault for the crash. However, there may be situations when the lead driver is partially to blame for the crash.

For example, the accident victim could potentially be held partially responsible if he or she did any of the following:

  • Suddenly put the car in reverse
  • Failed to use hazard lights when his or her car was broken down
  • Failed to signal a turn or lane change
  • Stopped for no reason
  • Drove erratically
  • Stopped to make a turn and did not turn
  • Made a turn from outside a turn lane

The lead driver could also be partially at fault if his or her brake lights do not work or one of the tires goes flat and the driver stops in the middle of traffic to fix it.

If some portion of blame is potentially assigned to you in a rear-end accident as the lead driver, the court will need to determine how much fault you will be assigned. If your claim is for $50,000 and you were deemed to be 30 percent responsible, you would only receive 70 percent of the $50,000 claim, or $35,000.

This is an example of howArizona’s comparative negligence statutemay be applied to a personal injury claim. However, if a claimant intentionally, willfully or wantonly caused or contributed to an injury, he or she cannot pursue compensation.

As fault can be a complex issue in a rear-end accident, it is a good idea to discuss the situation with a qualified attorney. The licensed Phoenix rear end accident lawyers at our firm understand the confusion experienced by victims of these collisions. We are here to answer your questions in a free initial consultation.

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Common Causes of Rear-End Crashes

Rear-end accidents are one of the most common types of car accidents in Arizona. Some of the main reasons for these crashes are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Drowsy driving and driver fatigue
  • Poor roadway visibility
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Texting while driving
  • Vehicle malfunction

These crashes often happen suddenly, resulting in varying types of injuries, such as:

  • Broken bones and complex fractures
  • Deep cuts or lacerations
  • Back injuries, particularly the lower back
  • Spinal cord injuries, including paralysis
  • Head and brain trauma
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Wrist and arm injuries
  • Burns and scarring

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