Phoenix, AZ Postmates Accident Lawyer

The massive popularity of food delivery services over recent years is no secret, although the number of different apps and websites that compete to deliver food may be a surprise to some people. While DoorDash is possibly the most well-known food delivery service, Postmates is another that’s still available and that drivers can sign up to work for, even though it’s been acquired by Uber.

The rise in the use of delivery services in general has resulted in an increase in accidents involving drivers making deliveries for the service, and that’s true of Postmates accidents just as it’s true of Instacart accidents or Amazon delivery truck crashes. Drivers for this service are often under enormous pressure to get orders delivered within a certain amount of time, which can lead to accidents on the road between Postmates delivery vehicles and other drivers or pedestrians.

Postmates offers limited insurance protection to its drivers and only covers accidents while the driver is on their way to delivering an order. This extremely basic protection may leave you with a complex legal situation if you’re involved in a Postmates accident. If you or a loved one is ever injured in an accident with a driver contracted with Postmates, you might need the assistance of a Postmates accident lawyer to work out the complexities of the situation.

At Phillips Law Group, we fight for motor vehicle accident victims every day. If you or someone you love has been injured in a crash with a Postmates driver, the victim may be entitled to compensation for the injuries and damages they have sustained in the accident.

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