Construction Zone Car Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

Construction zone motor vehicle collisions are amongst some of the most dangerous types of auto accidents in the state of Arizona. Often causing broken bones, fractures, spinal cord and brain injuries, and a number of other catastrophic damage, Phoenix motorists must exercise substantial caution when traveling in these hazardous areas.

While signage is normally present at the beginning of the construction site, the majority of traffic collisions occur in this region. Due to the limited warning, when motorists first enter roadway construction zones, they must quickly adjust driving habits to adhere to the road conditions. Unfortunately, many Arizona drivers do not recognize these changes in road conditions number of collisions in the state.

Negligent drivers and negligent construction workers create a recipe for disaster. Some of the most common construction zone hazards that motorists must be aware of include but are not limited to:

  • Uneven roads and highways
  • Unpaved roads
  • Temporary road signs that drivers are unfamiliar with
  • Heavy equipment
  • Construction vehicles
  • Speeding in work zones
  • Distracted driving within the work zone limits
  • Sharp detours
  • Sudden lane changes/lane merges

While no one can predict an impending accident, being aware of the potential risks associated with driving in a construction zone with place motorists in the best position to avoid hazards. If an accident does occur and the motorist was not at fault, then the construction company responsible for the site may be held liable.

Generally speaking, contractors, employers, and/or landowners are liable for the damages that are caused by insufficient road work signs, uneven roads, etc. If these construction employers or employees are not in compliance with the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OHSA), they may be accountable for the costs of injuries and damages that follow./p>

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Causes of Construction Zone Accidents

In the state of Arizona, construction zones present a number of additional laws that Phoenix motorists must abide by. For instance, under Arizona law, all speeding fines are doubled in construction zones where workers are present. Typically, these laws are enforced throughout the length of construction time, 24 hours a day. Rear-end collisions are the most frequently reported accidents in construction zones, as motorists are often caught off guard by new signs and slowed speeds, causing them to hit the vehicle in front of them.

Some of the most common causes of accident lawyers in Phoenix have years of combined experience in handling construction zone traffic collisions. Whether another driver or the construction company is at fault, we will dedicate all of our resources to ensure that you are given the compensation in which you are entitled.

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Road construction zones can be dangerous both for drivers and for workers. Construction zone accidents result in a large number of debilitating and fatal auto accidents every year. If you or a loved one has been a victim of an accident that was caused by an unsafe work zone or any other type of road construction, the experienced auto accident lawyers at Phillips Law Group may be able to help you recover compensation for losses from the wreck.

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Causes of Construction Zone Accidents

Given Phoenixs milder winters, as compared to the rest of the country, Arizona motorists and construction workers face the risk of a construction zone accident year-round. Injuries and fatalities resulting from a construction zone accident could be significantly decreased with more informed drivers behind the wheel.

Some of the most common risks associated with construction zones include speeding, disobeying temporary construction signs, caution signals or traffic directions, a distracted driver and issues with merging.

Speeding in a Construction Zone

Failing posted speed limits in a work zone is the most common factor in construction zone accidents. Traffic in a construction zone is usually stop-and-go and road construction can often leave workers vulnerable to passing cars. Construction zone speed limits are intended to keep both drivers safe as well as the construction workers.

Failure to obey construction zone speed limits often has catastrophic consequences. Most states will fine drivers double the amount of a normal traffic infraction if they are caught speeding in a work zone. It is crucial that all drivers obey the posted speed limit when driving through a construction zone.

Disobeying Temporary Construction Signs, Traffic Directions or Caution Signals

An impatient driver or a driver who is distracted who disregards posted signs, traffic directors or cautionary signals pose a danger both to themselves and to the construction workers. Signs serve as warning or directions to drivers, advising them of upcoming road conditions or detours.

A Drivers Inattentiveness to Construction Workers and Machinery

Lack of awareness is a serious threat to the safety of a construction worker. Most construction zones will have large, slow-moving construction vehicles and machinery that work on the edges of the roadway. They can sometimes move into a drivers path, so it is important for motorists to always be aware of their surroundings. Many construction vehicles have terrible blind-spots, making it difficult for them to see drivers. Additionally, they are not that easy to stop or maneuver in the event of an emergency situation.

Merging Issues

High-speed lane merging or late lane merging is a common cause of highway construction zone accidents. The width of lanes and the number of lanes available are typically reduced from their normal size. Waiting to merge until the last moment, or merging while speeding, can often result in side impact crashes or deadly-rear end collisions.

National Construction Zone Accident Statistics

Every year, auto accidents involving dangerous pavement-edge drop-offs result in the fatality of about 160 people and injure another 11,000.

Highway construction zone accidents have killed at least 4,700 Americans and injured 200,000 people in the last five years. This equals more than two wrongful deaths a day.

Approximately 85 percent of those killed in construction zone accidents were drivers, not workers.

In 2009, there were 162 large trucks and buses that were involved in construction zone crashes.

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Construction zones require heightened awareness on behalf of the driver in order to ensure the safety of everyone on the road, especially the construction workers. The municipalities and private road contractors involved in road construction have a legal responsibility to properly mark the work zone and control traffic; however, many fail to do so.

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