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In 2010, there were over 100,000 motor vehicle crashes in Arizona, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. When one motor vehicle hits another vehicle on its side its referred to as a side impact crash. These accidents can be extremely dangerous for the driver and their passengers. Oftentimes, vehicle occupants will sustain severe injuries in these types of crashes. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that about 25 percent of passenger vehicle occupant deaths are caused by side impact collisions.

If you or loved one has been injured in a side impact crash due to another persons negligence, you may be eligible for legal and financial recourse. Contact an experienced Phoenix car accident lawyer today to explore your legal options.

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Causes of Side Impact Crashes

Sid impact crashes are also referred to as a T-bone accident or a broadside collision; these crashes are typically caused by reckless or inattentive drivers. The majority of side impact crashes occur at congested intersections. Some common causes of side impact crashes include:

  • Failure to yield
  • Exceeding the posted speed limit
  • Driver negligence
  • Disregarding traffic signs or signals
  • Failure to obey no turn on red signs
  • Failure to yield to another motorists right of way

Accident victims should seek legal guidance after being involved in an Arizona car collision. After hearing about the details of your accident, a seasoned lawyer can determine if youre eligible to pursue legal action.

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Injuries in Side Impact Collisions

Vehicle occupants in side impact collisions are susceptible to serious injuries due to the design of the vehicle. Passenger vehicles lack the space to absorb the energy and shield occupants in side impact crashes. It is not uncommon for vehicle occupants to sustain any of the following injuries from a side impact crash:

  • Broken bones
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paralysis
  • Wrongful death

Typically, the passenger sitting at the point of impact will sustain severe injuries since they absorb the brunt of the force. Sometimes, when a car is hit at high speeds, the motor vehicle will flip over or spin out, causing it to hit other vehicles or objects.

Sadly, there were 754 traffic fatalities in Arizona during 2011. If your family member was killed in a traffic crash at no fault of their own, you may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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